Work 223, Vendetta Cake

Vendetta Cake
c. 2006 Michael St.Mark

Retrieved as a Ready-Made.
Assembly of stainless steel cutlery rolled in white paper napkins, 8″ X 8″ X 5″
( Not presently for sale, pending exhibition )

Work 222, The Orthodox Cactus, posted

Orthodox Cactus
The Orthodox Cactus
c. 2006 Hektor Hamulec

Words fail us here at New Dada, for Hektor’s creations are things of un-utterable magnificance and shining splendour of true originality, his words transport us to distant realms of wondrous imagination.
Spend an hour in his lunar orbit of Dada’esque quirk @
. . . and you’ll not the the same again.


London Dada Dedication


DADA Raoul Hausmann Mech Spirit of age
Mechanical Head/Spirit of our time
Raoul Hauseman, 1919
Dedicated to the long-time promoters of sterile and soul-less art on the elitist  London modern art scene, bowing only to the Arts Council, Minister and Queen.)
Raoul Hausmann (Austrian, 1886-1971), Mechanical Head [or, The Spirit of Our Time], 1919, assemblage: the head of a mannequin in wood, with diverse objects attached to it (including a leather pocketbook, a collapsing aluminum cup, brass and cardboard labels, part of a telescope, a pipe, white cardboard with the figure 22, a part of a dressmaker’s measure, a watch gear-wheel, a printing roller), 12 5/8 x 9 inches (32.5 x 21 x 20 cm), Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris.
DADA Raoul Hausmann Untitled
Raoul Hausmann
Untitled. Photo montage on Litho print.

Work 221 ; Natives


c. 2006 Michael St.Mark
One-off signed & titled photographic prints, 26cm X 60cm and 32cm X 60cm double-mounted together (unframed). £325 incl VAT
(File sizes 800KB & 1MB )

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Work 220, NCP Continental Drift

Continental Drift
NCP Continental Drift
c. 2006 Michael St.Mark
“See the extra in the ordinary
Divine for the light in the grime
See your life as this noble quest
And DaDa shalt be thine.”