Work 222, The Orthodox Cactus, posted

Orthodox Cactus
The Orthodox Cactus
c. 2006 Hektor Hamulec

Words fail us here at New Dada, for Hektor’s creations are things of un-utterable magnificance and shining splendour of true originality, his words transport us to distant realms of wondrous imagination.
Spend an hour in his lunar orbit of Dada’esque quirk @
. . . and you’ll not the the same again.


London Dada Dedication


DADA Raoul Hausmann Mech Spirit of age
Mechanical Head/Spirit of our time
Raoul Hauseman, 1919
Dedicated to the long-time promoters of sterile and soul-less art on the elitist  London modern art scene, bowing only to the Arts Council, Minister and Queen.)
Raoul Hausmann (Austrian, 1886-1971), Mechanical Head [or, The Spirit of Our Time], 1919, assemblage: the head of a mannequin in wood, with diverse objects attached to it (including a leather pocketbook, a collapsing aluminum cup, brass and cardboard labels, part of a telescope, a pipe, white cardboard with the figure 22, a part of a dressmaker’s measure, a watch gear-wheel, a printing roller), 12 5/8 x 9 inches (32.5 x 21 x 20 cm), Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris.
DADA Raoul Hausmann Untitled
Raoul Hausmann
Untitled. Photo montage on Litho print.

Work 221 ; Natives


c. 2006 Michael St.Mark
One-off signed & titled photographic prints, 26cm X 60cm and 32cm X 60cm double-mounted together (unframed). £325 incl VAT
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