Work 223, Vendetta Cake

Vendetta Cake
c. 2006 Michael St.Mark

Retrieved as a Ready-Made.
Assembly of stainless steel cutlery rolled in white paper napkins, 8″ X 8″ X 5″
( Not presently for sale, pending exhibition )

6 thoughts on “Work 223, Vendetta Cake

  1. Vendetta :)) u know what it means? :)) just joking with you, but in italian vendetta has a certain meanning :))
    Amazing that photo, and wow i love cakes, i could eat it all but also i wouldn’t want damage that beautiful piece of Art!
    😀 wow again Mike, congratulations for the surprise and sharing it with us 🙂 hugs,kiki


      • No Kiki, it’s a play on Vienetta cake. Have you seen Vienetta cake, it’s chocolate plus lots of white icing around it? Looks very similar except this one is soft paper and steel. Confuses the tase buds you see, perhaps I will re-title it ” Obesity Cure “. . .

        Have you been to the beach today K? You mentioned 35 degrees in Lisboa, wow that’s hot. Enough to burn your feet on the sand. Hope you are doing well with the studies and work. Wish I was in Spain and Portugal, maybe I will travel later this year. Hugzz again to you Kiki, be well.


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