Work 222, The Orthodox Cactus, posted

Orthodox Cactus
The Orthodox Cactus
c. 2006 Hektor Hamulec

Words fail us here at New Dada, for Hektor’s creations are things of un-utterable magnificance and shining splendour of true originality, his words transport us to distant realms of wondrous imagination.
Spend an hour in his lunar orbit of Dada’esque quirk @
. . . and you’ll not the the same again.


5 thoughts on “Work 222, The Orthodox Cactus, posted

  1. Hi Mike: HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA i have to laugh first Mike, OOH it’s great, this post it’s really funny, this kind of mix of english with latin, made me laugh like a mad now!
    It’s great :)) ! well i send that moments ago, let’s see if i sent it well this time.
    Thanks for the laughs now,


      • LOL MIKE: Fandango and fantastico are both portuguese words!! :)) you know it don’t you? ooh i laughed even harder there on his blog when i saw what you wrote! :)) couldn’t believe on it! So funny, and his posts are funny indeed too. thanks :D,KK


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