The terrible snowdrifts of the winter of 2013-14


terible snowdrifts

Truck and car park, Alexander Palace.

Re-post and deja-vu from two years back, when the UK was also blighted by a repetitive weather pattern that saw wave after wave of rainfall pounding the country on a mild SW airstream – the first winter in living memory when not a single snowflake was spotted falling from the sky in southern England.
The same phenomenon is repeating itself, at least during this year’s December element of winter, where floods and spring-like temperatures have been the norm.

The title of the Work pertaining to what giant snowdrifts look like when, due to climate change, winter temperatures don’t hack it any more.

Work 799; Blueprint



Ivory Tower Tories

c. Michael St.Mark 2015

Coining of possibly the most accurate phrase to sum-up the current Conservative government’s sneeringly dismissive attitude in this their second (minority-of-the-vote) term in office, towards any amount of rational argument and protest against their morally questionable financial policy and punitive new laws, self-evidently designed with the aim of selling off the remainder of the nation’s assets through privatization of the public sector – including the NHS – which is  being deliberately run-down and starved of pay and resources in preparation.

Maximum profit for their fat cat corporate friends at the cost of millions of peoples’ QOL ( quality of life ), fair pay, health and basic rights being the inevitable and already visible consequence.

( Links to Work No. 779;  TTIP – Beware Corporate America Bearing Gifts )

“Protest all you like plebs,  sure we’ll pretend to listen, maybe set up a long grass-kick review or two with their usual toothless and watered-down recommendations …but you know we’ll go ahead and bulldoze our pernicious laws through regardless ” – that’s the dictatorial rancid Cameron/Osborne fare spewing down onto the public from the tower’s top floor of disinterested privilege now and over the next four years.

The Tory class of 2015/16 – the most undemocratic, immoral and unpatriotic party in UK political history.

Captureivory tower

When Monday feels like Friday…


….you know it’s coming close to that ultra crazy time of year again. Time to send our meat-eating friends a timely e.Xmas card reminder of the mass murder of millions of imprisoned and voiceless innocents that’s involved in their merry celebrations of the birth of Jesus Christ, who somewhat ironically  preached ” thou shalt not kill”.

Re-post from 2008, Work No.531

” Dada is essentially the search for a new morality” – Richard Heulsenbeck

” The Dadaist is convinced of the overall connection between all things and beings” – Hugo Ball, founder of Dada