Work No. 622; Blackout Blinds


Blaclout blinds

Blackout Blinds
© Michael St.Mark 2012

Crouch End, London N19

( Click to enlarge the dedicated 21st C. mainstream media consumer’s outlook on the world )


Perhaps a new angle on the term ‘News Blackout’.
Social commentary Work on how personal worlds are becoming ever-more colored and darkened when looking out from the inside – blinded to the light – by habitual daily mainstream media news consumption from biased and agenda-ridden reporting in the hard press.
The reverse applies looking in from the outside, the masses blinded to the real world and instead ever more rooted in their opinions the more newspaper & magazine “Infotainment” grabs hold, holds sway, as their reality.

The antidote, thankfully, is to hand in the form of the internet and social media, where the full spectrum of opinion is more or less freely expressed and the individual has a vast pool of information from which to form an educated opinion.. and cast his vote.


Signed edition of 50 Lightjet prints on Kodak Pro Endura, 24″ x 16″

See website for investment details.

London Dada work 621; Fish Supper Couple…

F&C couple
Fish Supper Couple ( for the love of food )
c. Michael St.Mark 2011

20″ x 15″ digitally-enhanced hand-finished giclee print.
the image manip’ effects used  to intentionally create an
impression of movement,  intimating the hand-to-mouth
action involved in eating take-out foods.

( Click over to fatten-up the image )

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London Dada works 619 / 620 : Turning the Art world Outside-In / Uninsideout

Location; Deutsche Bank London offices, October 2012. Inside the lavishly-appointed reception lobby reside artworks by Anish Kapoor ( mirrored stainless steel ball titled ” Turning the world upside down” (1996); and by Damien Hirst ( spot painting “Biotin-Maleimide” (1995).

DB lobby

Photo c. Bloomberg


Carefully-alligned photographs taken through the toughened glass pane of the lobby from a stance on the pavement outside show a real time superimposition of the works over reflections of the road and buildings opposite to the bank in Winchester Street, EC2. Thus the two works of art, worth millions of dollars between them, are effectively removed from their cloistered molly-coddled pretentious high brow environment and incorporated into an appropriated street art setting – now eminently accessible to the public. ( a kind of turning of art inside out). A unique opportunity for the discening collector to invest in the first examples of appropriation art of its kind. ( internet date stamp registered)
Concept and photographs by Michael St.Mark


biotin malemide st
Biotin-Maleimide Street
c. Michael St.Mark 2012

Edition of 50; purchase details
July 2015;  edition sold out – to register interest in a re-sale print email


turning the world outside in

Turning the World Outside In / uninsideout
c. Michael St. Mark 2012



Work 550; Remembrance Sunday Dada revisited, 11.11.11

‘… from 2011

c-thru bliar
Remembrance Day – Lest we Forget Parliament’s war guilt.
by Michael St.Mark, 11th November 2011

Mixed media digital collage

Alongside importantly remembering the fallen from the two wars of 1914-18 and 1939-44, the artist asks that we remember the responsibility that Parliament should have in ensuring war is an absolute last resort as opposed to what’s actually transpired during the past 10 years – MPs tamely waving through highly questionable legislation, each in order to protect their own long-term political careers at the cost of hundreds of thousands of innocent deaths in foreign lands.
( RIP Robin Cook MP, one of the few with principles.)

* This London Dada moral protest artwork is dedicated to the 564 British soldiers killed and nearly 10,000 injured to date in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars ( up  617 now one year on, Nov 2012 ) that were jointly instigated by the GW Bush-appeasing Tony Blair, based on transparently dodgy evidence of WMD / terrorist threat.
The two subsequent phony and illegal wars waved through in Parliament by typically spineless MPs from both main parties, 2002/3.

( London Dada proposes new accountability legislation that decrees any future Prime Minister taking this country to war must personally serve alongside front line ( not Prince Harry’s Fort Bastion “front line” ) troops for a minimum of three months after commencement of hostilities )

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Cameron @ Cenotaph 11.11. 2012
The breathtaking hypocrisy of David Cameron – observing two minutes silence today, 11.11.2012
– Waved-through the Iraq war vote for the Tory bench on the back of a dodgy dossier.

Kitchener Country-Needs-You-Featuring-Lord-Kitchener-Posters
WW1 remembered. Lord Kitchener re-visited.
Your Country Needs YOU
– for canon fodder & die for nothing ( WW1)

cenotaph 2012 politics
Cenotaph class of 2012 – The Iraq war Hypocritometer goes off the scale
with this despicable line-up who between them have served- up nothing but
Bloody Marys to the world.

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Work 618: They who have seen the light ( collage collection)

twhstl cc
They Who Have Seen the Light  ( collage collection update )
c. Michael St.Mark 2011 – 12

We’ve been quietly busy this year, always on the lookout for candidates in our longstanding London Dada
“Those who have seen the light “ series. Herewith yet more encounters of the distinctly enlightened kind
for your esteemed perusal…

London Dada Work No. 617; The Diabetes Express

diabetes express
The Diabetes Expressdelivering bodily destruction and death nationwide.
c. Michael St.Mark 2012


“Dada has an acute social and moral conscience. It’s the duty of artists to dovetail their gift of sensitivity perception and skill towards the benefit and education of mankind.”

Volume consumption of refined and addictive( white) sugar and flour in foods is the major cause of Diabetes and Obesity – with its associated illnesses such as heart disease, stroke and amputation – in the world today.