London Dada works 619 / 620 : Turning the Art world Outside-In / Uninsideout

Location; Deutsche Bank London offices, October 2012. Inside the lavishly-appointed reception lobby reside artworks by Anish Kapoor ( mirrored stainless steel ball titled ” Turning the world upside down” (1996); and by Damien Hirst ( spot painting “Biotin-Maleimide” (1995).

DB lobby

Photo c. Bloomberg


Carefully-alligned photographs taken through the toughened glass pane of the lobby from a stance on the pavement outside show a real time superimposition of the works over reflections of the road and buildings opposite to the bank in Winchester Street, EC2. Thus the two works of art, worth millions of dollars between them, are effectively removed from their cloistered molly-coddled pretentious high brow environment and incorporated into an appropriated street art setting – now eminently accessible to the public. ( a kind of turning of art inside out). A unique opportunity for the discening collector to invest in the first examples of appropriation art of its kind. ( internet date stamp registered)
Concept and photographs by Michael St.Mark


biotin malemide st
Biotin-Maleimide Street
c. Michael St.Mark 2012

Edition of 50; purchase details
July 2015;  edition sold out – to register interest in a re-sale print email


turning the world outside in

Turning the World Outside In / uninsideout
c. Michael St. Mark 2012



4 thoughts on “London Dada works 619 / 620 : Turning the Art world Outside-In / Uninsideout

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    • Oh I don’t know Christine, the big ball could probably be rolled out by two people and then up a shallow ramp into the back of a waiting Transit?
      Just the small matter of creating a big enough hole in the sledgehammer proof glass first!
      ( Just joking, Deutsche Bank )


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