Work 550; Remembrance Sunday Dada revisited, 11.11.11

‘… from 2011

c-thru bliar
Remembrance Day – Lest we Forget Parliament’s war guilt.
by Michael St.Mark, 11th November 2011

Mixed media digital collage

Alongside importantly remembering the fallen from the two wars of 1914-18 and 1939-44, the artist asks that we remember the responsibility that Parliament should have in ensuring war is an absolute last resort as opposed to what’s actually transpired during the past 10 years – MPs tamely waving through highly questionable legislation, each in order to protect their own long-term political careers at the cost of hundreds of thousands of innocent deaths in foreign lands.
( RIP Robin Cook MP, one of the few with principles.)

* This London Dada moral protest artwork is dedicated to the 564 British soldiers killed and nearly 10,000 injured to date in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars ( up  617 now one year on, Nov 2012 ) that were jointly instigated by the GW Bush-appeasing Tony Blair, based on transparently dodgy evidence of WMD / terrorist threat.
The two subsequent phony and illegal wars waved through in Parliament by typically spineless MPs from both main parties, 2002/3.

( London Dada proposes new accountability legislation that decrees any future Prime Minister taking this country to war must personally serve alongside front line ( not Prince Harry’s Fort Bastion “front line” ) troops for a minimum of three months after commencement of hostilities )

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Cameron @ Cenotaph 11.11. 2012
The breathtaking hypocrisy of David Cameron – observing two minutes silence today, 11.11.2012
– Waved-through the Iraq war vote for the Tory bench on the back of a dodgy dossier.

Kitchener Country-Needs-You-Featuring-Lord-Kitchener-Posters
WW1 remembered. Lord Kitchener re-visited.
Your Country Needs YOU
– for canon fodder & die for nothing ( WW1)

cenotaph 2012 politics
Cenotaph class of 2012 – The Iraq war Hypocritometer goes off the scale
with this despicable line-up who between them have served- up nothing but
Bloody Marys to the world.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

5 thoughts on “Work 550; Remembrance Sunday Dada revisited, 11.11.11

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    • I believe most are likely reborn, Mira. Yet they are blessed – with wisdom in now seeing right through those who ask them to die for a politician’s whim rather than in fighting to defend their country against a genuine threat – as was the case in WW2.


    • Thanks Stan, people have a duty to be truthful about the – barring WW2 – sick charade that gets played out down at the Cenotaph every year.
      Dada was born in the spirit of revulsion, not only against the brutality of World War 1 but at the major part royalty and the politicians of the day played in propagating it.


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