Work 618: They who have seen the light ( collage collection)

twhstl cc
They Who Have Seen the Light  ( collage collection update )
c. Michael St.Mark 2011 – 12

We’ve been quietly busy this year, always on the lookout for candidates in our longstanding London Dada
“Those who have seen the light “ series. Herewith yet more encounters of the distinctly enlightened kind
for your esteemed perusal…

4 thoughts on “Work 618: They who have seen the light ( collage collection)

    • Yes, the Tony Robinson out of Time Team lookalike in the Jesus creepers looked immense with the kilt and floppy old fleece top striding across a windswept Scottish M.way services car park, believe.
      Mr sublime chav track suit trousers was fiddling text on a mobile phone. Fixing an appointment with his tailor perchance? 🙂


  1. Brilliant—-i love em!

    I paticularly like the guy in his ‘Joseph coat of many colours’ outfit and he’s just sat there oblivious to how he appears to other people, it must be great to be so thick skinned that you don’t give a toss what you look like when you step over your threshold 🙂

    The lady in the blue coat and colourful stockings, did she ‘pose’ for the photo or were you lucky to catch her just stood there?

    I love these type of photos hope you’ve got plenty more!!


    • Oh yes there are more! “Joseph” is the latest local character to strut his stuff daily over the cobbles of “Smallmindton”.
      The lady in blue was waiting by a cashpoint in Barnet – just got the snap in in time before being zapped by her vicious scowl phaser gun.


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