London Dada work 626. Jubilee; a state-of-the-nation update


Jubilee ( a state-of-the-nation update)
( painted sheep skull ( Rough Fell breed ) with dried sheep faeces )
c. Michael St.Mark, Dec 31st 2012

Work is refined & varnished. Includes glass display case.
Original; £4,300


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London Dada social commentary work to round off the Queen’s diamond jubilee year of 2012.
Concrete work inspired by the quote from rock legend Frank Zappa;
” Until you change yourselves from subjects to citizens, you’re always going to be eating shit”

” Monarch and subject”
– every piece of oppressive govt. legislation gets guaranteed royal assent ( the bejewelled nod )..

” Art, for us, is not an end in itself, but an opportunity to express true perception and criticism of the times in which we live” – Hugo Ball, founder of Dada, 1916

Some educational quotes from Frank Z.;

Slaughterhouse Christmas

Re-post from last year. Ideal Christmas day  inbox e-card for those heavily reliant on making merry with meat at yuletide. The grim meathook reality at the moment for millions of battery birds and factory-farmed animals… is that you must die to be eaten in celebration of the birth of someone who advocated ” Thou shalt not kill”
London Dada says Go Nut Roast this Christmas – you know it makes at least bowel cancer-avoidance  sense.
Slaughterhouse Christmas
mother & child
In a callous and uncivilized society the weak & the innocent have few rights.
– The unborn,  the elderly, animals ..-
M. St.M
Peppa Pig Advent Calender ( re-post from 2011 )

” No words, could ever describe the hate I feel for these men…who sacrifice life for no ideal – just the id.”

London Dada Work 625; The Internet

The Internet
  The Internet
   c. Michael St,Mark 2012

Minimalist Work available in licenced downloads in an edition of 100 to be viewed on a digital media screen.
A hard copy legal document comes with each d/ld & signed by the artist.


 …………….Work 625a
The Internet 1a
 The Internet II
 c. Michael St.Mark 2012

Available in a print edition of 25.

London Dada Work No. 624; Tate Britain Turner Prize Toilet Installation -a Judge’s Choice

. . . . . . . . . .

Turner Prize 2013 – a London Dada early bird entry.
Tate Britain Toilet Installation no 1
– a Judge’s Choice.
c. Art Axis

We welcome AA back into the fray with our radical early bird ( Dec 2012 ) entry to the Turner Prize 2013.
Featuring lavatory furniture in the form of 4 “fountains” ( each representing a shortlisted entry ) plus one “customer” from within the actual gents public convenience of Tate Britain itself.

* Lightjet print rendered in Holga’ish style, 24″ x 21″ on Ilford Pearl, signed by the Banksy of Dada. (One woldwide)


* NB Update, Nov. 2013  London Dada’s  “earlybird entry” to the 2013 Turner Prize – content hilariously copied by David Shrigley in the TP piss-in-a-bucket talent spirit in which it was offered..


2013 TP held in Derry

London Dada – kickstARTing the 21st C.


⊕ UPDATE 2018; London Dada’s Homage to David Shrigley, © Art Axis

Links to ” A Thieving Dim Bulb in Derry ” Turner Prize 2013


* London Dada on Flikr quick-access archive website

Turner Prize 2012 – Taking the Mickey out of Art

Turner Prize taking the Mickey

Yes it’s that time of year again – the ageist Turner Prize awards ceremony at the home of
cliquey art cronyism: Tate Britain.

And what daredevil delights of “artistic originality” and “utter sheer brilliance” await therein this year perchance?

And why is age discrimination perfectly OK at Tate Britain when race or sex discrimination are considered almost capital offences in the arts and elsewhere these days, Ms Curtis?
No black or female artist over 50 is allowed to enter the competition. Doesn’t sound brilliant put that way does it.

PC Tate Britain
Penelope Curtis ( PC in name, doubtless scupulously PC in nature except when it comes to blatant age discrimination ) director of Tate Britain and Turner Prize head judge!

OED Definition:
Ageism is a type of discrimination that involves prejudice against people based upon their age. Similar to racism and sexism, ageism involves holding negative stereotypes about people of different ages. The term is often applied to any type of age-based discrimination, whether it involves prejudice against children, teenagers, adults or senior-citizens.”

The 4 under-50 entrants…….say mould creatively sterile mould.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

2012 TP winner, Elizabeth Price for her Woolworths fire of 1979 pseud’s corner archival mix video installation…
I appropriate rhetorics of propaganda..
Don’t we all, duckie?


Update January 2014; Damien Hirst does a Mickey spot painting to be auctioned shortly for
doubtless million$ in aid of charity. Mickey Mouse art by a Mickey Mouse artist? Fairly obvious..

Mickey Mouse
 c. D. Hirst 2014