London Dada work 626. Jubilee; a state-of-the-nation update


Jubilee ( a state-of-the-nation update)
( painted sheep skull ( Rough Fell breed ) with dried sheep faeces )
c. Michael St.Mark, Dec 31st 2012

Work is refined & varnished. Includes glass display case.
Original; £4,300


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London Dada social commentary work to round off the Queen’s diamond jubilee year of 2012.
Concrete work inspired by the quote from rock legend Frank Zappa;
” Until you change yourselves from subjects to citizens, you’re always going to be eating shit”

” Monarch and subject”
– every piece of oppressive govt. legislation gets guaranteed royal assent ( the bejewelled nod )..

” Art, for us, is not an end in itself, but an opportunity to express true perception and criticism of the times in which we live” – Hugo Ball, founder of Dada, 1916

Some educational quotes from Frank Z.;

Slaughterhouse Christmas

Re-post from last year. Ideal Christmas day  inbox e-card for those heavily reliant on making merry with meat at yuletide. The grim meathook reality at the moment for millions of battery birds and factory-farmed animals… is that you must die to be eaten in celebration of the birth of someone who advocated ” Thou shalt not kill”
London Dada says Go Nut Roast this Christmas – you know it makes at least bowel cancer-avoidance  sense.
Slaughterhouse Christmas
mother & child
In a callous and uncivilized society the weak & the innocent have few rights.
– The unborn,  the elderly, animals ..-
M. St.M
Peppa Pig Advent Calender ( re-post from 2011 )

” No words, could ever describe the hate I feel for these men…who sacrifice life for no ideal – just the id.”