London Dada work 626. Jubilee; a state-of-the-nation update

Jubilee ( a state-of-the-nation update)
( painted sheep skull ( Rough Fell breed ) with dried sheep faeces )
c. Michael St.Mark, Dec 31st 2012

London Dada social commentary work to round off the Queen’s diamond jubilee year of 2012.
Concrete work inspired by the quote from the music legend & eminently sane Frank Zappa;

” Until you change yourselves from subjects to citizens, you’re always going to be eating shit”

” Monarch and subject”
– every piece of oppressive govt. legislation gets guaranteed royal assent ( the bejewelled nod ).


We Only Have Eyes for Ewe, Maam

This artwork is refined and varnished and with cutout eye socket photographs.
Includes 12″ stainless steel tube support and placed within a glass display case.
One worldwide; £14,000


” Art, for us, is not an end in itself, but an opportunity to express true perception and criticism of the times in which we live” – Hugo Ball, founder of Dada, 1916

5 thoughts on “London Dada work 626. Jubilee; a state-of-the-nation update

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  4. I have been looking forward to this particular Dada post—-and it doesn’t disappoint!

    Definately a brilliant way to show what a nation of sheep we are, where others lead we follow ——stand up and be counted, have your own ideas for a change. Have the courage of your convictions.—– Resolutions for 2013?

    And yes an awful lot of people in this Country [and others] talk a lot of shit most of the time, and still we listen! The Royal family,whilst bringing in revenue from tourism admittedly, are still a drain on our society and on our taxes, is it time for a change there too?


    • Too kind, Mrs B.
      Thanks for your ever-stalwart support, much appreciated.
      Re’ “Skully” the unquestioning loyal royalist archetype.. I reached the conclusion after 4 years of hosting Sheepnation blog, that many people in this country are happier when they’re being ruled over and downtrodden.
      And that’s sad.. but I’m not going to be pulling my greying hair out about it anymore.

      If the great British masses haven’t the least bit of spine to protest about being nailed to the living standards & quality-of-life floor by insidious oppressive legislation coming from a transparently corrupt elite, they deserve all the gallons of golden reign that’s getting p*ssed down on them essentially from the balcony of Buckingham Palace.


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