London Dada Work No. 627; Prison GB ( looking in )

Prison GB ( looking in)
c. 2013 Michael St.Mark

View from the covered walkway entrance to the Royal Exchange near the Bank of England
in London’s financial quarter, built largely on the back of the slave trade and  profits of Empire.
Social comment on a nation imprisoned by compliance with authority, blind acceptance of a corrupt mainstream media, debt and the greed of bankers backed by the political elite.

Colour-adjusted photograph.
High quality giclee on Hahnemuhle Etching, 24″x 19″

Signed limited edition of 25.

4 thoughts on “London Dada Work No. 627; Prison GB ( looking in )

  1. I’ll always be on the outside looking in to the Bank of England, oh to be as rich the top 10% in the country!

    Although i would still rather be healthy than rich, if you have your health then you are rich in life.

    I wonder if anyone, through the annals of time, has tried to break into the Bank of england ——-do you know?


    • The real outsiders are those who set themselves apart to exploit and control others through deception and cruelty, for personal gain.
      They’re creating, each one, eventually, their own private little hell.

      Besides, real value doesn’t lie primarily with money… people are painfully waking up to realize.


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