Work No. 986; Hopes and Dreams; The Human Condition VII


the human condition 6
Hopes & Dreams; The Human Condition VII
Michael St.Mark 2017


Bay of Cannes, France S.
Latest in London Dada’s long-running series, ” the human condition ” now an established theme and popular subject matter within mainstream art

Fine art prints, signed edition of 20 on Fuji Crystal Archive
20″ X 15″
£450 ( unframed )

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Work No. 947; A Decade’s a Long Long Time in Electronics


A Decade is a Long Long Time in Electronics
Michael St.Mark 2017

Hi-fi etc “relics” in a charity shop window; Barnet N. London


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Work No. 817; Rage Against the Machine 1 – ” Your call is held in a queue.. “


Rage against the machine 1
RATM 1 – ” Your call is held in a queue and will be answered shortly; your call is … ”
Michael St.Mark 2016


N. Finchley, London
First in a new series ( does not condone vandalism )

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London Dada Work No. 816; The Incredible Indifference of Strangers VII


The unbelievable indifference of strangers VII
Incredible Indifference of Strangers VII
Michael St.Mark 2016

Latest in the long-running series exploring the intriguing variety of social masks worn by the individual during the course of an average day of interaction with others.
( family mask, friends’ mask ( a variety ), the at-work mask, the etc.. )

It could be argued that public transport and supermarkets are examples of places where we are in our raw element, vacant, in an impersonal indifferent space devoid of imposition or artificiality.

London Dada Work No. 815; Skin-changers


skin changers
Michael St. Mark 2016


Debenhams, Welwyn Garden City Herts

Signed edition of 20 Lightjet prints on Kodak Metallic
Prints on aluminium Diabond also available (£50 supplement)
30″ x 25″


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