Work No. 986; Hopes and Dreams; The Human Condition VII


the human condition 6
Hopes & Dreams; The Human Condition VII
Michael St.Mark 2017


Bay of Cannes, France S.
Latest in London Dada’s long-running series, ” the human condition ” now an established theme and popular subject matter within mainstream art

Fine art prints, signed edition of 20 on Fuji Crystal Archive
20″ X 15″
£450 ( unframed )

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Work No. 817; Rage Against the Machine 1 – ” Your call is held in a queue.. “


Rage against the machine 1
RATM 1 – ” Your call is held in a queue and will be answered shortly; your call is … ”
Michael St.Mark 2016


N. Finchley, London
First in a new series ( does not condone vandalism )

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London Dada Work No. 816; The Incredible Indifference of Strangers VII


The unbelievable indifference of strangers VII
Incredible Indifference of Strangers VII
Michael St.Mark 2016

Latest in the long-running series exploring the intriguing variety of social masks worn by the individual during the course of an average day of interaction with others.
( family mask, friends’ mask ( a variety ), the at-work mask, the etc.. )

It could be argued that public transport and supermarkets are examples of places where we are in our raw element, vacant, in an impersonal indifferent space devoid of imposition or artificiality.