Addendum 2019. Work No. 1002; Look Closer, the Truth’s there Somewhere


Customer Entranced / Look Closely, the Truth’s there Somewhere
© aRT aXIS  2019

( Featuring the June 6th edition of the Daily Mail and inside page report on the 2019 D. Day Allies landings annivesary.)

About to enter the third decade of the new millennium, we’re witnessing end times for the few vestiges of news and journalistic reporting-accuracy, balance and integrity within the mainstream media. Those in the industry, charged with delivering authentic news and current affairs to the public, are having their training and hard-won skill sets increasingly undermined and compromised. Hampered from honest reporting by corrupt print and television media owners, many serious journalists live in fear of career limitation or termination by presenting accurately stories and events that happen to be politically or financially inconvenient to those already fiscally well-situated and in positions of power. Acting under a mask of unbiased neutrality, the few journalists who receive promotion to mainstream media eminence almost invariably do so by dint of allegiance to the aims and ambitions of that powerful elite; thus perpetuating an insideous system of subtle propaganda that has in the past soft-soaped entire populations into accepting stringent financial impositions, restrictions and even war as absolute necessities.

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Dada; being initially a literary expression of war protest, is well-served through this image – a true photographic metaphor of the times we live in.

London Dada mission accomplished; please see previous post

Artnet Exposed, London Dada’s 13-year mission accomplished


After 13 years of making not insubstantial inroads of overdue change into the flint-hard fear and conformity-ridden glass ceiling of the 100% money-driven pretentious, shallow and cronyism-infested art world; what more suitable triumphant note on which to end a still largely unrecognized chapter in art history than the closure of Dada’s formerly missing UK expression co-inciding with being blocked by the almighty Artnet on social media, simply for having the audacity to publicise home truths about international art market big name cash cow con artists such as Koons and Hirst.

Link to the story typifying Jeff Koon’s ( and others ) MO, just the latest in a long line of habitual plagiarism of other artists’ work, combined with a depressing personal paucity of creative originality, skill, talent or moral compass in at least tipping a name hat to the unrecognized artists behind much of their output.

London Dada; 2005 – 2018
( Works No. 01 to 1002 )

Michael St.Mark
Shoreditch, 13th May 2019


Work to continue on this blog and London Dada websites in refining, upgrading and adding missing content from some earlier posts, whose loss was due to LD’s former blog platform closing in 2014.
Artist ART AXIS to remain active in promoting existing LD content across social media for posterity and continue to conduct Banksy-style public awareness stunts London-wide through our Green Disc subsidiary co.

The 7 Tenets of Dada


Legacy validation
The imperishable fruit of London Dada;

6191 photography collective
Carrying the torch for Hugo Ball’s vision through the medium of photography reoriented;
Art that expresses true perception and fearless criticism of the times we live in

Six ” creep & crawl ” Career Artists  ( locked in creative stasis by ambition )
© Michael St.Mark 2018


Armistice Day 2018


Michael St.Mark advocates returning legendary German artist Kurt Schwitters’ final creation, his Merz Wall – dubbed his ” life’s great work” – to its indisputably rightful place;  reintegrated into the Merz Barn that is still languishing vacant like a crown with its jewels long extracted, in Elterwater Cumbria.
Official KS Newsletter article here..



LONDON DADA Fast-view Archives 2005 – 2018

Work No. 986; Hopes and Dreams; The Human Condition VII


the human condition 6
Hopes & Dreams; The Human Condition VII
Michael St.Mark 2017


Bay of Cannes, France S.
Latest in London Dada’s long-running series, ” the human condition ” now an established theme and popular subject matter within mainstream art

Fine art prints, signed edition of 20 on Fuji Crystal Archive
20″ X 15″
£450 ( unframed )

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Work No. 817; Rage Against the Machine 1 – ” Your call is held in a queue.. “


Rage against the machine 1
RATM 1 – ” Your call is held in a queue and will be answered shortly; your call is … ”
Michael St.Mark 2016


N. Finchley, London
First in a new series ( does not condone vandalism )

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