Dada Over London & the 7 tenets of Dada

zurichmeetslondonKK( ( Michael St.Mark top center )

*Big Dada event held at Westhandyside Canopy Kings Cross Saturday 21st May. Organized by the ZurichmeetsLondon Intercity Reloaded infiltration and taking the form of a 12 hour marathon of individual Dadaistic events consisting of c. 20 minute rounds of conceptual and performance art by various avant garde artists and staged within a very real boxing ring.


7 green spots of london dada-004

Represented by six bright green spots in hexagonal formation plus one central  unifying spot representing the oneness or fundamental  interconnection between all beings and things in the universe.

By Art Axis ( based on the founding group of Dadaists’ collective vision )

1. Radical art innovations
2. New and holistic art inventions / concepts
3. Morally-motivated peaceful art protest and fearless critical analysis of      contemporary art
4. Perceptive societal and political commentary expressed through art.
5. Serendipity / chance or random art expressions
6. Humour ( dry, whimsical or sardonic )
   7. Multimedia expressions of the interconnection between, or one-ness of, all beings and things. ( central green spot )

At least one of the 7 tenets is present and often several in various combinations within Dada Works

The Dadaist is convinced of the overall connection between all entities and beings ” – Hugo Ball, father of Dada

Dada is essentially the search for a new morality ” – Richard Heulsenbeck, Dada’s co-founder


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