Work 389; When All the Affairs are Done


When all the Affairs are Done  (an archetype)
© 2010 Michael St. Mark

Elderly but smart French tourist
Beer garden, Rye.

For lost loves – who couldn’t have cared less about love

Oh yes she’s used up her average  female quota of ” 35 miles of man thrusts” ( citation required ) –  and more, much more.

Ahhh, those “sexciting” seemingly endless disco-swinging 1960s, 70s, 80s, even 90s I may recall..

alas nowadays, she daily notes, are reduced to
luscious toyboys  – even a choosy gigolo,

just the once.

This then, the inevitable residual end-stage psychological stasis, an engorged and highly voluminous
tangled memory prison 
of interminable sexual / emotional past “romances ” with the obligatory accompanying infidelities  – each boyfriend, naturally though, “the special one”;
binding her mind as if with
English pub patio chair cast iron strength.

A suffocating sense of emptiness and past void- that seemingly interminably long and, in social reality, lonesome end..


Links thematically to Work 719 from 2014 ” The Shutters of Love