work 441 – From Grave to Cradle 2 .. reincarnation special

From Grave to Cradle 2
c. Michael St.Mark 2011

Click the pic to contemplate inexorable fate…

Link to New Dada Work 190 from 2006, Grave to Cradle 1;

6 thoughts on “work 441 – From Grave to Cradle 2 .. reincarnation special

  1. Reincarnation an intriguing subject and fertile ground for over-fertile imaginations, such as … just to amazingly think that worn-down old fella could end up taking the form of the son of the young child in the carry harness in years to come…. and the kid, not ten years ago and in another form may well have been languishing in an old folks’ care home.


    • l love this photo, i’m amazed at how you were able to capture it in the split second that must have been available to you —–no second chances here! Love his ‘northern’ flat cap too, i squinted hard at the photo but couldn’t see his whippet anywhere!! lt’s comforting to think that even though the elderly gentleman is in his ‘twilight years’ he will return again for another lifetime, and so will the rest of us. l often wonder if i’ll make the same mistakes next time round or will i have learnt from past experiences?—-=it’s to be hoped i have!


      • Drat I missed the whippet.
        They say we auto bank wisdom in the unconscious and take it forward into our next….wisedom gained through life experience or as an honest effort-earned gift.
        A wise comment regarding the life-knackered old boy might be ” dont think this wont happen to you ” …

        The pic came about initially by readying the camera on spotting him approaching and turning the lens at an angle as he passed. The couple plus sprogs were walking into frame the other way so I pressed the shutter before they could blot out the old boy.
        So partly by design partly happy serendipity partly seeing echo from work GTC 1 in 2006 when viewing the image in photoshop later.


  2. when I read your title I thought I was going to see something horrible! but your picture made me laugh. The man in it looks like my greengrocer. (he looks on his last legs too)
    A well caught photo.


    • Cheers Christine, I guess even greengrocers can’t avoid the natural process. Reminds of an old shopkeeper I knew when growing up in a village in the Lakes… he swore by ground-up eggshell in his food as a means of promoting longevity.
      I walk by his headstone with a wry smile now and again, on the way to paying respects to a relative – he obviously didn’t eat enough of the stuff 😉


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