Dada in London, work 569; The Ghost of Romance Past

ghost of romance past
The Ghost of Romance Past
c. 2011 Michael St.Mark

Silver Birch with face in dated carved heart, Trent Park N. London. ( Taken on the winter solstice, 21st December.)

Signed Fine Art print on Hahnemühle Ultra Smooth 380gm paper 12″ X 15″
One worldwide. 12″ x 15″, for price contact the gallery

 Updated, Summer 2014 evolution ( click to enlarge )

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13 thoughts on “Dada in London, work 569; The Ghost of Romance Past

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  3. There was a romance a while back involving a lady with initials M come to think about it and I hear she has long since settled.
    My loss really as she was bright and came from a family of artists.
    But there’s always a catch.


  4. So you’ve had a rough Christmas eh? :))

    No i don’t think you look like the ghost [which is quite spooky isn’t it] you’re much better looking than that!—– giving out compliments,that’s my good deed for the day 😀

    Lovely old gnarled tree, sometimes i prefer trees without their leaves as they are much more dramatic.

    Btw, are you free for a call tomorrow?


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