London Dada work 570; Remembering the Glorious Martyrs..

prashant2 6088396_5d11742aad_l
Remembering the Glorious Martyrs of the 2011 Libyan Revolution.
” That our children may be free. “

c. 2011 Prashant Bhatt  ( image crop, refinement and title by Michael St.Mark )

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On first seeing this great photograph taken by Libyan doctor Prashant Bhatt of childrens’ shadows in Khadra forest Tripoli, It immediately reminded of and deeply resonated with, the ultimate sacrifice made by many brave young Libyan men during the revolution to overthrow a brutal dictator in 2011 – M. St.M

* With thanks to Prashant for permission to reproduce his photograph here.

Prashant’s blog;

( Anyone wishing to publish the photo along with its assigned title herewith, kindly contact )


4 thoughts on “London Dada work 570; Remembering the Glorious Martyrs..

    • It’s a big moral dichotomy this “Arab Spring”… the Arab peoples seem to possess an almost infinite capacity to inflict the most terrible suffering upon their own, yet at the same time also have, especially now among the young, a truly incredible bravery in fighting against repression, tyranny and barbarism when inflicted upon them.

      Lets hope the era of brutal dictatorships in the region is now rapidly coming to an end and that the genocidal tyrant Assad (Syria) falls soon.


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