Lord Coe worries over " reputational damage" to London 2012..

Infinitude II copyright infringement
Screenshot of Lord Coe,chairman of the Olympic Committee, appearing before the Parliamentary Select Committee today and under questioning from scourge of the Murdochs Tom Watson MP.
Time and again he voices concerns over “reputational damage” being done to the 2012 Olympic Games through logistical and ticket allocation shortcomings whilst all the while sporting (ptp) on his lapel a naughty piece of alleged plagiarism in the form of  the 2012 Olympic logo that may well be making him a secondary infringer of copyright.

If the double 1500m gold medal-winning Lord is worried about reputational damage to the summer Games, perhaps someone should advise of the potential litigation and adverse publicity shedloads of it limping about with him during office hours.

Kindly view the overwhelming evidence here:
(London artist claims Wolff Olins’ 2012 Olympic logo infringes the copyright of original 2006 work Infinitude II ).


13 thoughts on “Lord Coe worries over " reputational damage" to London 2012..

  1. Olympics? What Olympics?
    Seb Coe looks a bit like a young Del Boy in that still image. I’m not for a minute suggesting their respective business deals are in any way comparable. I don’t think so. Well, maybe I am. Infact, yes, I am. :))


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