London Dada work 571; Pictures at an Exhibition/The Large Glass II

Hayward Gallery
Pictures at an Exhibition / The Large Glass II
( Million man ready-made)
Dada-appropriated public work in progress, Bermondsey.
c. by Dingo 2012

( To enlarge the gallery click on the image.)

large glass 560px-duchamp_glass
Marcel Duchamp’s Large Glass (progressive Dada work through 1915-1923 )


6 thoughts on “London Dada work 571; Pictures at an Exhibition/The Large Glass II

  1. Oh yes, i see what you mean a rather creepy looking alien! I could probably see quite a few spooky things in the glass panels if i looked hard enough.

    How are things going re- the gallery opening? Is it all on schedule?


  2. This is gorgeous, it’s a lot of years since i’ve seen one so nice.

    It reminds me that i hate walking on things like this, i always feel they are going to give way and i’ll fall through! Up the top of Blackpool tower there is a piece of plate glass set into the floor which you can stand on and look down to the bottom, i would have to be paid millions before i could ever stand on that šŸ˜€


    • Check out the frame 7 up, 3 across Mrs B. – seems like some little alien has already fallen through and is peeking rather nervously back out again.
      I hope to be talking to the pub owners shortly about getting that grid dug out and set vertically as part of the London Dada gallery opening show.
      Know what you mean about the plate glass floor tile where you can see the drop underneath.. even though logically you know its safe, fear of heights over-rides everything and a big spike of fear prevents you stepping on. Just shows how powerful our inbuilt instincts are, hey?


    • It’s constantly evolving underfoot, unconscious art in a public space constantly being altered by human footfall( not sure how old this pub cellar grating is but it looks well past 50? ). Many of the cracks in the glass were likely made by people long since gone….its present condition the result (work) of possibly millions of people over time. I could go on but you get the dadaistic gist I’m sure šŸ˜‰ Thanks for the comment bda.


      • I remember being in Rome on cobbled streets that were once stained with blood and thinking about all the people that had gone before me. It is the first time the thought crossed my shallow mind but it regularly does so now. It is odd, a few years ago someone told me I should always look up to see the true beauty of buildings, and they were right. many a Boots or H&M sits ugly on the high street but in a stunning building, especially true of banks. But I rarely look down. This may encourage me to do so. x


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