Lest we Forget to Remember not to Forget Blair/Parliament’s War Guilt


Lest we forget we had a devious war criminal as a prime minister, sending 179 of our brave lads to early graves on the back of a gigantic deception..and who to this day remains free from prosecution.

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About artist Michael St.Mark and London Dada

Cenotaph Blair 11.11.12

Cenotaph Blair 11.11.12

New Release for 2016; Digital screenshot from TV coverage. Image crop of pixelated Blair in the crowd of politicians present and past at the Cenotaph, Whitehall, 11.11.2012. Tonally altered and rendered in blood red.
Open edition of signed prints 12″ x 8″ on Kodak Pro Endura


WAR PROTEST ART on Pinterest ( an education )

3 thoughts on “Lest we Forget to Remember not to Forget Blair/Parliament’s War Guilt

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  2. Quite rightly we should never forget what happened here or during any wars our brave men and women have been involved in.

    Whoever instigates these wars or orders our troops to fight never seem to be brought to account and you will never see them on the front line ‘going over the top’ as it were. They’re too busy sitting comfortably in their underground bunkers where they can survive for months.

    It’s all very well being ‘brave’ from your war cabinet rooms etc. Perhaps it’s time they lived by the code of ‘I wouldn’t expect someone else to do what i wouldn’t do myself’.


    • Back in the days of chivalry ( integrity ), the king would lead the charge into battle. These days, as you say, they charge from their bunkers. If WC Blair’s son had had to serve in Iraq, the world might have been spared much of the nightmare that unfolded and is still unfolding in the Middle East.


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