Work 419 … A Memorable Christmas

A Memorable Christmas
c. Michael St.Mark 2010

* If you aint got no one this Yuletide, click the pic to join the festive fun. Memorable indeed

6 thoughts on “Work 419 … A Memorable Christmas

    • Nay lad, I’d just popped in out of the cold for a quick coffee…. but I could envisage if my pregnant wife and I were fresh in from Somalia or suchlike, that that fine collection of fast fare eaten amid such stupendously kitch surroundings on Xmas day, might constitute some sort of luxury … before venturing on to measure up for curtains in our newly allocated council home 😉
      ps what’s a “pooter” ( re. your latest post ), when its home for the weekend?


      • Me Pooter is me computer, com pooter as they say in Norfolk, on another note the spellchecker on here doesn’t recognise pooter and one alternative suggestion is poofter, couldn’t help a little chuckle at that one.


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