Work No. 418; Hopelessness of Male Sexual Fantasy 7. ” Boudoir Nights “

“Boudoir Nights” (Option 1: Honey)

Babestation analogue TV Screenshot

c. Michael St.Mark 2010


Signed edition of 10 only

Honey / Upgrade Now
( Enlarged pixel detail )

New for 2018; Derived Work 418b

Signed edition of 50 fine art prints on Kodak Endura
30″ x 22″


10 thoughts on “Work No. 418; Hopelessness of Male Sexual Fantasy 7. ” Boudoir Nights “

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  2. Well! l’m impressed Halfy, that is some reply you have posted. l’m glad that at least some of you males have realised that you are just being used as a way to part you from your money. These ‘ladies’ are probably laughing all the way to the bank, which they have driven to in their open topped sports car, tapping their diamond encrusted fingers on the leather clad steering wheel! i’m sure you know of the old joke about women on sex phone lines who are whispering sexy things to (and i quote you if i may) slack jawed neanderthals on the other end whilst they do the ironing in scruffy leggings, down at heel slippers and wearing curlers!

    the challenge for us women, as you quite rightly point out,is to chose a guy who is actually as nice as he appears——and believe me that is some challenge!


  3. To answer your ‘What is the point?’ question Brianna. This is the point.
    Men like to stare at girls, especially if they are a)’pretty’ B) fit c) Look at us watonly d) Have very few clothes on.
    Males are moth’s to the flame of feminity. Combine this with the media industries sexual tsunami on TV, Internet, Billboard Advertising etc, and we are little more than slack jawed neanderthals bombarded by boobies and bedroom eyes. Don’t hate us, we’re caught up in a complex soup of primal nature and communication technology. It’s not all bad news though, fortunately about 50% of us have adapted to the point where we can control our urges and see it for what it really is – Marketers and Advertisers trying to part us from our money. The challenge for the women is to pick the guy who is on the right side on the demographic as some of us are very good at appearing to be one guy and being quite the other, like Dominique Strauss Khan.


  4. Across the span of my life I hate to think how many hours of late evening into early mornings I have spent watching something like this. We men are a sad little lot are we not?


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