Work No. 667; “Get yer rocks off here boys!”

” Get yer rocks off here boys ” – the macho guys’ guide to bonding –
c. Art Axis 2012



Feigned “stumbled-upon” summer beach scene. Southend Essex.
Featuring former Vogue model, London Dada artist Dingo

Links thematically to Work No. from 2010 ” Boudoir Nights – the Hopelessness of Male Sexual Fantasy VII



_*Updated Dec 2017____________________________________

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9 thoughts on “Work No. 667; “Get yer rocks off here boys!”

  1. I’m not easily offended nor am I a raging feminist who objects to a ‘page 3’ calendar on the office wall!

    I enjoy making comments which will hopefully generate a bit of banter as we have going on here.

    What I don’t like about men making sexist comments about women is the fact that so many of us are insecure about our looks and bodies anyway, so to read that men are drooling over a young woman’s firm, curvy bottom only reinforces the fact that ours doesn’t look as good as theirs!

    In this day and age of media obsessed air brushed photos of so called celebrities it’s no wonder that ‘normal’ everyday girls and women are concerned they don’t ‘come up to the mark’ in they eyes of men, and eating disorders are on the increase.

    To quote a saying invented by you Michael St Mark ‘Falling in looks’——many men and women fall into that trap and wake up 10 or 20 years later next to someone whose looks have gone and they realise there is absolutely nothing they like about them anymore. It’s much better to fall in love with a personality and character in the first place.


  2. im 53 and no longer a lad.
    nor am i ruled by what is in my trousers.
    well…not as much.
    i also am prone to quick, quirky comments on people blogs.
    no offence was intended.
    said in the hope to raise a smile, is all.
    (and i still like girls bottoms)

    love+light to you+yours


  3. If I was a betting woman I’d have won money that the replies to my comment would be as they are.

    I guess there is no point in expecting anything less as the majority of men are ruled by what is in their trousers.


    • I guess it must be nature or something? But of course it’s not the entire story. As you say, with maturity, companionship plays an increasingly bigger part.

      You’ll have to forgive Mr. Axis, he’s still only in his 30s – a mere slip of a lad! 🙂


  4. I’m sure not all arse’s are worth staring at——i’m thinking in particular of junk food induced huge, flabby white ones that not only wobble when the owner walks they practically wave at you! 🙂

    I can’t see what all the fuss is about myself, what is beautiful about an arse be it male or female? They serve a function as far as I can see and that is as far as it goes.

    Is it only men who continue to find pleasure in looking at certain body parts from the minute they are old enough to realise what pleasure is until the moment they are put into the wooden box?

    Get a grip guys, even the young bathing beauty in the photo [great shot among the rocks by the way] will eventually end up older,larger and wrinkly and probably cast aside by some guy looking for a younger ,slimmer, perfect model!

    Unfortunately perfect women don’t exist except among the airbrushed pages of a fashion magazine.


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