Work No. 764; Homage to Hockney; Puff the Magic Conference Dragon

British artist and pro-smoking campaigner  Hockney smokes a cigarette during the annual Labour party conference in Brighton September 28, 2005.

Puff the Magic Conference Dragon
© David Hockney / Art Axis 2015

To coincide with David Hockney’s Painting and Photography exhibition at Annely Juda gallery, London W1. Running until the end of June.

( update February 2023 )

22 Feb – 04 Jun, also to coincide with

David Hockney at the Lightroom ( Kings Cross Coal Drop Yard )

” In this new exhibition, DAVID HOCKNEY: BIGGER & CLOSER (not smaller & further away), Lightroom’s vast walls and revolutionary sound system enable us to experience the world through Hockney’s eyes.

In a cycle of six themed chapters that include iconic and rarely seen and new pieces, Hockney opens up his process to us, inviting us into his work. ”


Hockney smoking
David Hockney 2005
Derivation photograph ( public domain )

Artist and Pro-smoking campaigner David Hockney smokes a cigarette
during the Labour Party conference in Brighton, September 2005.


Dadaist Art Axis asserts that the shape, texture, colour and form of Hockney’s own purposefully exhaled cigarette smoke ( in order to deliberately make a point at the Labour Party Conference in 2005) can be legitimately considered to be an actual artwork by Hockney, until now unrecognized as such.

This perception of a conceptual art nature, featuring the appropriation of an edited crop of David’s exhaled smoke captured in the public domain photo, being digitally enhanced and enlivened through basic SFX to resemble a dragon’s head, gives Art Axis the legitimacy to claim copyright to the image as an original artwork in its own right.

London Dada, under IP law does not require Hockney not his agent’s response, signature or permission to place the artwork for sale, as it was – although obviously of the artist’s own creation, was not a deliberately intentional piece previously claimed as his property or made by his own hand.

London Dada offers a limited opportunity to invest in an original subconscious and appropriated David Hockney artwork at an eminently affordable and highly investable collector’s asset

Available in 2023  as a signed edition on verso of 25( fine art Lightjet giclee prints on Kodak pro Endura ) with London Dada‘s official watermark embossed in the 2″ margin.)
14″ x 12″
( unframed )


Artist advisory

We Aint Happy with Coke

New Work from emerging artist Jack Halford I Aint Happy with Coke

I Aint Happy with Coke ( acrylic on canvas, 14″ x 12″ )
Jack Halford 2015

Coca Cola, a household name, much like Homer Simpson or Adolf Hitler. A brand, a corporation, who are not into their customers’ health very much and whom they prefer to refer to as consumers, punters or fools. The people who work in their mega pollution-producing factories don’t get much, neither do the billions worldwide who drink it, the brand also having sold themselves to people on both sides of every war in every country and they even get inside your kids minds too! They love kids actually – well, kids’ pocket money at least – and impressionable minds, they groom them T2 diabetes & obesity-causing sugary “treats” and “happiness” in ads on TV channels, mag ads and roadside billboards across the world. “ – JH

I Aint Happy with Coke



@ Galerie 691 Shoreditch til’ July 2015

Work No. 763; Ultimate Selfie

ultimate selfie
  Ultimate Selfie / Selfie Selfie
   c. Dingo 2015

Self-portrait using digital SLR camera with reversable LED display screen and second  tripod mounted camera on a 10sec. shutter release timer.
( Concept and photo by London Dada artist Dingo )

  London Dada artist Dingo; ” Seeing / Putting the Extra in the Ordinary” TM

The Dadaist is concerned solely with the inventive, the perceptive, the truly radical and morally just.  ” – M. St.M 2015


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