We Aint Happy with Coke

New Work from emerging artist Jack Halford I Aint Happy with Coke

I Aint Happy with Coke ( acrylic on canvas, 14″ x 12″ )
Jack Halford 2015

Coca Cola, a household name, much like Homer Simpson or Adolf Hitler. A brand, a corporation, who are not into their customers’ health very much and whom they prefer to refer to as consumers, punters or fools. The people who work in their mega pollution-producing factories don’t get much, neither do the billions worldwide who drink it, the brand also having sold themselves to people on both sides of every war in every country and they even get inside your kids minds too! They love kids actually – well, kids’ pocket money at least – and impressionable minds, they groom them T2 diabetes & obesity-causing sugary “treats” and “happiness” in ads on TV channels, mag ads and roadside billboards across the world. “ – JH

I Aint Happy with Coke

Enquiries; info@LondonDada.co.uk


@ Galerie 691 Shoreditch til’ July 2015