We Aint Happy with Coke

New Work from emerging artist Jack Halford I Aint Happy with Coke

I Aint Happy with Coke ( acrylic on canvas, 14″ x 12″ )
Jack Halford 2015

Coca Cola, a household name, much like Homer Simpson or Adolf Hitler. A brand, a corporation, who are not into their customers’ health very much and whom they prefer to refer to as consumers, punters or fools. The people who work in their mega pollution-producing factories don’t get much, neither do the billions worldwide who drink it, the brand also having sold themselves to people on both sides of every war in every country and they even get inside your kids minds too! They love kids actually – well, kids’ pocket money at least – and impressionable minds, they groom them T2 diabetes & obesity-causing sugary “treats” and “happiness” in ads on TV channels, mag ads and roadside billboards across the world. “ – JH

I Aint Happy with Coke

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@ Galerie 691 Shoreditch til’ July 2015

The Art Gallery as Art – Hayward Gallery; New Impressions Series


In collaboration with Derby artist Jack Halford, Michael St.Mark’s 2012 concept of positing the UK’s major galleries are also art in themselves, as a means of Democratizing Art TM is here further broadened to include frottage impressions of the exterior gallery walls, using acrylic paint and oil pastels on artist paper in A3 & A4 sizes. Linkback to The Art Gallery as Art  from 2013.

The first series in this new conceptual direction for the frottage technique ( details & history here ), was created using the north wall of the Hayward Gallery, South Bank on Wednesday 18th March 2015. (Documentary photos below.)

* Note.  No damage to the wall surface occurred and no residual paint marks were left as a result of creating the artworks

Hayward Gallery Impressions1Hayward Gallery Impressions2

Top; Jack Halford creating Impression No 4 at the Hayward Gallery, March 2015  ( completed Work inset left )

Hayward Impressions3

 At the Hayward Gallery with Impressions Nos 1-3  ( acrylics )

Hayward Gallery Impressions4

Left; Michael St. Mark creating Hayward Gallery Impressions No 6 ( oil pastel )
YouTube  video tf.


Hayward Gallery Impression No. 6 (completed Work )
c. Michael St.Mark 2015

Hayward Gallery Impression No#1 by Jack HalfordHayward Gallery Impressions6Hayward Gallery Impression No2 by Jack HalfordHayward Gallery Impression No3 by Jack Halford

Impressions Nos 1- 3 ( of a triptych of acrylic impressions ( see top page for the works in situ )
  c. Jack Halford 2015


Tate Modern Impression No1Tate Britain Impression No. 1Saatchi Gallery impression No. 1

Further frottage Works ( using oil pastels through artists’ paper ) in the Art Gallery as Art series, using the exterior walls of Tate Modern, Tate Britain and Saatchi galleries. ( Blurred effect created by each of the the rough external wall textures of the galleries is actual and not a focusing error. )

For purchase availability on all the above Works please contact the 691 Gallery

About London Dada

Jack Halford, emerging young artist with a social conscience.

Homeless@Estate Agents
c. Jack Halford 2015

Artist’s comment

“We need to change this big issue, Empty houses for sale, an ageing population and yet we still have rough sleepers, sofa surfers and homeless families. You need an address to get an address, then a deposit and a guarantor if you even get that far, everything might just suddenly stop because you get judged for being homeless”

We need more artists like Jack, prepared to reflect social realities through their art.
SFX, invocations of sensations and technical skill are fine, but it’s high time
for art to move on and also start saying something relevant, perceptive and critical about the turbulent times we’re living in. –  and for the art establishment to accept a moral
upgrade must happen .. and embrace the inevitable forthcoming change. M. St.M

Link to Jack’s evolving art site