The Art Gallery as Art – Hayward Gallery; New Impressions Series


In collaboration with Derby artist Jack Halford, Michael St.Mark’s 2012 concept of positing the UK’s major galleries are also art in themselves, as a means of Democratizing Art TM is here further broadened to include frottage impressions of the exterior gallery walls, using acrylic paint and oil pastels on artist paper in A3 & A4 sizes. Linkback to The Art Gallery as Art  from 2013.

The first series in this new conceptual direction for the frottage technique ( details & history here ), was created using the north wall of the Hayward Gallery, South Bank on Wednesday 18th March 2015. (Documentary photos below.)

* Note.  No damage to the wall surface occurred and no residual paint marks were left as a result of creating the artworks

Hayward Gallery Impressions1Hayward Gallery Impressions2

Top; Jack Halford creating Impression No 4 at the Hayward Gallery, March 2015  ( completed Work inset left )

Hayward Impressions3

 At the Hayward Gallery with Impressions Nos 1-3  ( acrylics )

Hayward Gallery Impressions4

Left; Michael St. Mark creating Hayward Gallery Impressions No 6 ( oil pastel )
YouTube  video tf.


Hayward Gallery Impression No. 6 (completed Work )
c. Michael St.Mark 2015

Hayward Gallery Impression No#1 by Jack HalfordHayward Gallery Impressions6Hayward Gallery Impression No2 by Jack HalfordHayward Gallery Impression No3 by Jack Halford

Impressions Nos 1- 3 ( of a triptych of acrylic impressions ( see top page for the works in situ )
  c. Jack Halford 2015


Tate Modern Impression No1Tate Britain Impression No. 1Saatchi Gallery impression No. 1

Further frottage Works ( using oil pastels through artists’ paper ) in the Art Gallery as Art series, using the exterior walls of Tate Modern, Tate Britain and Saatchi galleries. ( Blurred effect created by each of the the rough external wall textures of the galleries is actual and not a focusing error. )

For purchase availability on all the above Works please contact the 691 Gallery

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