Work No. 756; As Close as it Gets

as close as it gets
As close as it gets / Men have hungry eyes
c. Michael St.Mark 2015


London St. Pancras  Eurostar & Mainline station.
” The world of the lonesome guy ”

Women seem wicked, when you’re unwanted.. ” – Jim Morrison / The Doors

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8 thoughts on “Work No. 756; As Close as it Gets

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  2. Mmm, I see. Thank you for explaining. *sigh* And what keen eye you illustrate in producing the camera for such a nearly exquisite photo op. Doubtless young ladies tire of being ogled, but I am apparently too unfamiliar with men in general if most engage in that unless a girl gallivants about as if she is for sale. On the other hand, I enjoy turning heads, but have little or no interest in being pursued, simply because of my unspoken tastes, or perhaps the sages will call it being too picky. Thank you again.


  3. Beg pardon for commenting so belatedly, but I was up past 2AM my Illinois’ Monday and too tired Tuesday evening, whence…*looks sheepish*
    Having seen both entries to the concept, I don’t know what exactly justifies falling for this image, but I loved it first and last. There is something inherently romantic in the lighting, paired beautifully with the bouquet that unidentified lady hides behind, not to mention the very suggestion of piquant loneliness. After that, blame it on my womanhood? Either way…I had a contrary notion, but was advised not to bother you. Thank you very much for sharing. I love it.


    • The young lady is blocking the gentleman OUT with her flowers, meant for another presumably.
      Other guys strolling past all have those hungry roving eyes.
      It’s cute the way women flower up everything with “romance”. Dont get it, personally but there again I’m not a woman.
      Thanks for commenting Jenny. Appreciated 🙂


      • Quoth you, “It’s cute the way women flower up everything with ‘romance.’ Don’t get it personally, but then again–” Oh you.
        There is the thing called romantic lighting and all that stuff which goes on between a man and woman when they are being intimate…but that is not the only definition of romance.
        We are artists, or forgive me if I have presumed too much in suggesting I may be allowed such a label, and the very term describes both a genre of music as well as the tone I now cannot find words for, but which is not what occurs between two interested souls, an effect rather. Kick me.
        And, not to alienate the photographer, but if I caught one going about when I was in public, I’d likely peer shyly at him when I thought he could not see me. I should think you men would prefer such a touch of decency to a brazen woman just begging to be drooled over. [You tempted me, whence I dared say thus.]
        Rather, thank you for inviting me into your circle to sample dada, and of course, you’re very welcome. Though forgive me, I’m not always around to comment.
        [*cough, cough*….now you might guess why he called me cheeky.]


      • She couldn’t have seen the camera Jenny, as the subject was already using the flowers to block herself from view before it was unpocketed, in fact that was the very reason the camera was produced ( a photo opportunity spotted )
        Fairly obviously fed up of men sitting nearby and oggling whenever she sallys forth cafe etc wise. Although I don’t happen to fall into that rude gent behaviour bracket personally, still, the ubiquitous unwanted attention must get terribly tiresome for young women out and about these days I can fully sympathize


  4. It’s sometimes worth bearing in mind that not all females are young, attractive or shy! Some can be just as predatory as men and also ageing, single and broke—–this state isn’t an exclusive male one!

    Having said that i find this photo very interesting for the fact that men’s eyes seem to always focus on apparent lone, young women——and this happens even if they are ‘attached’ themselves! I’d love to know what the guy in the photo is thinking——probably that he wouldn’t stand a chance with her but it doesn’t hurt to look 🙂


    • Of course Mrs B, it goes without saying a man’s roving eyes are connected to his trouser snake – We’re not trying to highlight an injustice, just one angle of the “way it is” for lonely guys. Demand and supply is way out of balance on both sides of the gender fence, frustratingly.


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