Jack Halford, emerging young artist with a social conscience.

Homeless@Estate Agents
c. Jack Halford 2015

Artist’s comment

“We need to change this big issue, Empty houses for sale, an ageing population and yet we still have rough sleepers, sofa surfers and homeless families. You need an address to get an address, then a deposit and a guarantor if you even get that far, everything might just suddenly stop because you get judged for being homeless”

The UK urgently needs more artists prepared to reflect social realities through their art.
SFX, invocations of sensations and technical skill are fine, but it’s high time
for art to move on and also start saying something relevant, perceptive and critical about the turbulent times we’re living in. –  and for the art establishment to accept a moral upgrade must happen .. and embrace the inevitable forthcoming change. M. St.M

3 thoughts on “Jack Halford, emerging young artist with a social conscience.

  1. Well done Jack, a really thought provoking photo. How refreshing it is to see a young person who is prepared to show the world the true realities of life in 20015 instead of what many politicians and the media would have us believe.

    I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work on here.


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