Work No. 763; Ultimate Selfie

ultimate selfie
  Ultimate Selfie / Selfie Selfie
   c. Dingo 2015

Self-portrait using digital SLR camera with reversable LED display screen and second  tripod mounted camera on a 10sec. shutter release timer.
( Concept and photo by London Dada artist Dingo )

  London Dada artist Dingo; ” Seeing / Putting the Extra in the Ordinary” TM

The Dadaist is concerned solely with the inventive, the perceptive, the truly radical and morally just.  ” – M. St.M 2015


London Dada archives / investment

2 thoughts on “Work No. 763; Ultimate Selfie

  1. Another great concept and photo from Dingo!

    As i’m a nosey, or should that be inquisitive, woman after i look at the photo as one should my eyes begin to wander around the room. My overactive mind comes into play, what is this room? A starving artists garret where he/she freezes in winter and roasts in summer? A room of gay abandon where articles are left where they drop?

    And as for the curtain why is it hanging neglected and unloved? Ha ha ha i did warn you i’m a nosey woman 🙂


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