Work No. 762; Operate & Enforce

operate and enforceO & E socialmedia
Eroded Freedoms II / Operate and Enforce ( today your number tomorrow your fingerprint & DNA )
c. Michael St. Mark 2015

Social media download edition

Second in the series. Comment on the recently-introduced Parking Eye system throughout the country.
Thin end of the hi tek surveillance info-gathering revenue-collection privacy-intrusion wedge likely to be shoved into the nation’s guts over the next 5 years by Tories Unleashed TM


Link to EF 1 from 2013

5 thoughts on “Work No. 762; Operate & Enforce

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    • I think they need to sober up and ditch this driverless car shite asap, Ian.
      Fairly obviously ( to the sane at least ) an impossible dream.
      I remember 1970s Tomorrow’s World presenters promising us a robot that will do all the housework, by 2000 – similar BS on stilts.


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