Work No. 764; Homage to Hockney; Puff the Magic Conference Dragon

British artist and pro-smoking campaigner  Hockney smokes a cigarette during the annual Labour party conference in Brighton September 28, 2005.

Puff the Magic Conference Dragon
© David Hockney / Art Axis 2015

To coincide with David Hockney’s Painting and Photography exhibition at Annely Juda gallery, London W1. Running until the end of June.


Hockney smoking
David Hockney 2005
Derivation photograph ( public domain )

Artist and Pro-smoking campaigner David Hockney smokes a cigarette
during the Labour Party conference in Brighton, September 2005.


Dadaist Art Axis is here asserting that the shape, texture, color and form of Hockney’s own exhaled smoke in the photo can be legitimately considered to be an actual artwork by Hockney himself, until now undiscovered or unrecognized. This astounding perception, along with appropriation of an edited crop of David’s exhaled smoke in the photo, digitally enhanced and enlivened by SFX to resemble a dragon’s head, gives Art Axis a legitimacy to claim one half of the copyright to this Work. London Dada awaits DH’s agent’s response and permission to sell the Work with sale proceeds to be shared equally.

An opportunity to invest in an original  – unconscious though valid  –  David Hockney artwork.

A unique opportunity to invest in an original ( unconscious) David Hockney-participation artwork

Proposed edition of 100 dual-signed edition Lightjet prints on Kodak Pro Endura ( pending permission from DH )
14″ H x 12″ W
( unframed )

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