Queenie’s back again – like on a badly-minted penny


2015 Queen’s Speech special.

Until you change yourselves from subjects to citizens you’ll always be sheep eating shit” – Frank Zappa on the English;  London 1993.

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” What’s she ever done for you except smile and wave, take your hard-earned in taxes and give royal assent (the bejewelled nod) to repressive Government legislation and taxes over the past 35 years that have nailed the working people of this country to the nil rights zero hours floor? Or to the right of Parliament to start an illegal war against a country not threatening this one  in the slightest and that resulted in the murders of hundreds of thousands of innocent men women and children and needless deaths of many hundreds of our own brave servicemen and women who ironically and tragically, in the cases of Iraq and Afghanistan, had sworn their alleginace to her? “

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