London Dada Work No. 842; The Snooze House

snore house
The Snooze House – or a fresh stART?
c. Art Axis 2016

snooze house2

Having a nice lie-down whilst taking in the art in a “Capsule” ( Ricardo Basbaum, 2000 )

Marking the opening of Tate Modern’s latest gallery extension, the Switch House. Mixed reviews abound, even from the largely bought-off MSM arts reviewers, point to a largely negative reaction to the mostly banal content of what is certainly the impressive – if somewhat unventilated and window-rationed-claustrophobic – brand new building abutting the old Tate Modern turbine hall.

Here’s perhaps a chance for the director to seize the moment and start incorporating some more genuinely thought-provoking and even, God forbid, awe-inspiring works from the wider art world, eschewing the ubiquitous cronyistic and nepotistic sterile South bank set-up
Talent is talent regardless of background. Decades of deliberate neglect of this axiom has lead to creative stagnation and stasis thoughout the arts and mainstream media.

More DaDa spirit now please, Frances Morris

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