London Dada Work No. 502; Great Nights Out II

Great Nights Out II

c. Michael St.Mark 2011

Second in the series exploring legacy aftermaths of the-night-before excesses. 

Linkback to GNO 1

( Click to screech straight to the scene of the accident )

6 thoughts on “London Dada Work No. 502; Great Nights Out II

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  2. good question! As far as i remember i dream in colour as i see things like the colour of hair or cars etc, it would be very strange to just dream in black and white. I seem to recall reading somewhere that dogs only see in black and white, is this true do you know?


      • Calling anyone who is good at drystone walling!

        What a mess, wonder if the vehicle went right over the other side. I imagine if whoever it happened to was drunk at the time then they would have soon sobered up!

        I love black and white photographs, they have much more impact than coloured.


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