New Dada work 503; Tesco bedsheets Dada Zen study

Empty your mind here
Tesco Bedsheets Extra Ordinary Dada Zen study ( sweet dreams are made of this )
c. Michael St.Mark 2011


Artist’s comment
Uploaded in full resolution for intimate study, a random collection of folded bedsheets on display  in store at Tesco Whitechapel
during June of this year. The bland ordinariness of the subject matter being exactly the purport of the work; envisaged as an opportunity to empty and declutter the mind from today’s alarming  bombardment of media and frantic society in general. In essence to “go the other way” – inwards in contemplation of the Extra OrdinaryTM  in a Dadaistic Zen-like quest for inner peace.
M St.M

Click to enlarge to view the detail item by item. The cluttered mind will rebel at first,  but take time to allow unfamiliar absence of intention to enter the unconscious and experience new Dada inner  freedom  where ” everything is nothing and nothing IS ” TM


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2 thoughts on “New Dada work 503; Tesco bedsheets Dada Zen study

  1. The colours of the sheets are very calming, easy on eye the as it were.

    I can see how a study of this would allow me to unclutter my mind and focus on peace but it would take some work on my part, the more i looked the more i would begin to wonder ‘what do the labels say?’ and ‘how much for single, double or king size?’ 😀

    At first glance the sheets look like rows of ivory piano keys!


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