London Dada Work # 19; An Old Kent Road Watercolor

Old Kent Road
An Old Kent Road Watercolor
c. 2006 Michael St.Mark

Through the car windscreen on another rain-lashed traffic-choked evening heading N. on the Old Kent Road, SE London.
We believe the first use of through-rain drops on a windscreen/window -to the external subject within art.

*Update 2018; the concept now so ubiquitous in use as to be almost a sub-genre within photography.

Film-maker Abbas Kiarostami copied the idea the following year to make his Rain Series ( 2007 ); claims ” its an idea I’ve had for a long time”. Well….


That must be why it took him a long time to simply point-and-shoot through his own car windscreen on a rainy day – M. St.M


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15 years on; ( 2021 ) the effect we pioneered still being used by the BBC weather service to indicate unsettled & wet forecasts
Captureraindropson thewindscreen

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