Work 264; The Lost Art of Communication

Lost Art of Communication
c. Michael St.Mark 2006
( This work for display on a PC monitor )


10 years on, the original Work imitated by Twitter user @puddingforbrains ..

plagiarising pudding for brains.. coincidentally seen and explored further by the talented actor, writer and broadcaster Miranda Keeling;

miranda keeling

London Dada;  ” kickstARTing the 21st C. ”
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10 thoughts on “Work 264; The Lost Art of Communication

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  3. LOL, brilliant, my scanner is dead, rip scanner, so I had to transcribe my erm nocturnal mind wanderings by the medium of keyboard, but when my son gets his going I shall scan it, blanking out certain sections of course.
    It is there, should you desire to read.


  4. what a great blog for you and Lynn, it’s so true the art of conversation and letter writing is dying. My girls and their friends have a computer speak with many of the vowels missing.

    However they have to write letters to my Mum who doesn’t have email, and of course the experience that special feeling of receiving a hand written letter by snail post!.

    Blogging is great, cos you meet and chat to folk you would never come arcoss in the daily life, but you can’t beat the real art of conversation face to face, with the words and unspoke words spoke with the body. wow MStM I hope that never dies out.



    • Good morning Miss Bright Spark! 🙂 🙂

      It was just something Lyn and I were discussing earlier. That “old fashioned” hand-written communications are still valuble to slow down our speedy thought processes and enable us to concentrate more in the present moment.

      So I had the idea to use the hand-written message displayed on a PC monitor as a way to get people to stop & think about this a bit more.

      A friend of mine spent an evening out in a restaurant recently. She said half the people were talking on their mobiles for a lot of the time, instead of focussing on eating and chatting with their friends across the table.

      But yes, I observe Kiki, you are in the happy sunny present most of the time – especially living in Portugal 😉


      • Thanks Mike 😀 :))
        And you did well, so true that.
        Yes, Lyn’s right, i agree; that’s why i keep hand-writ’g. And between people it is indeed much more personal; also, i think that to hand-write approachs people much more, it shows more care as we choose a paper or a card, plus the time you have/spend to send it.. on a post office station :)) ..about mobiles is true, instead of meet to talk about something usually people nowadays solve it by mobile phone or e-mails.
        Well, my Present.. right now :)) ( really really Present, lol ) is sunny :yes: but we’re having a rain storm, windy one, since 2 days ago, anyway always happy :yes:
        Btw.. noticing now.. the sun is really bright and turning this day in a sunny one 😀
        Have a happy friday too Mike,
        (ooh :/ my log-in fail’g again!!!! is so annoying, all the time happening this to me now, since some few weeks ago! sorry Mike )


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