Work 263 – Combating Global Autumn.

Combating Global Autumn
c. Michael St.Mark 2005

Back in the days before the frequently banded-about term”Global Warming” was replaced with the more convenient, vague and easily defended ” Climate Change” by the media under instruction from IPCC climate scientists ; the image was procured not merely as a surreal juxtaposition of the domestic and the urban and a play on words, but as a prompt to look into the subject of impossibility and to demonstrate nations’ half-hearted efforts to control the planet’s climate and eco system by limiting CO2 emissions, into stark perspective.


2 thoughts on “Work 263 – Combating Global Autumn.

    • Was going to call it ” Tackling Season Change ” as that’s about as much use in doing that as sticking windmills on top of Tescos etc is going affect Climate Change.
      Hope your neigbour doesn’t skid on your leaves, or it could go to a ¬£50K court case, you never know these days Deano.


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