Work No. 786; Austerity special; George Osporn

Austerity special; George Osporn
   c. Art Axis 2015

Focal colour-altered image with unique slogan
( Original features unchanged )
Reproduction permissions;

* Available in A2 poster form from mid-September, POA

London Dada trending

Less than 2 weeks later, this spotted on Twitter by user Miriam Oezen.
” London Dada – blazing an art innovation trail in the 21st C. “


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3 thoughts on “Work No. 786; Austerity special; George Osporn

  1. Ha ha i love it, only Art Axis and his brilliant mind could come up with this!

    George’s eyes are so scary, if you were talking to him in the flesh [so to speak :-)] it would feel like he was looking into your very soul. Not to mention his nose of course—–all the bigger to sniff out ways to take your money off you my dear!


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