Work No. 787; Confessions of a Pebble Rescuer / Many call but few are chosen


Many Call but Few are Chosen – Confessions of a Pebble Rescuer
c. Michael St.Mark 2015


Poem integral to the work

Saved from a fate worse than sand,
from millennia of twice-daily tides relentless and

Reducing, reducing, with friction merciless til
Nought remains save innumerable anonymous particles, part
of a vast future deep dark seabed – asleep forever.

A hearty wee pebble in a trillion
rescued by a dadaist, an imagination in a million

Now sitting proudly high & dry upon marble mantlepiece
never more
to suffer the indignity of age, of endless tidal bore

Preserved, protected, frozen
in time for all eternity
to far and away outlive
its saviour’s all too mortal identity

M. St.M


  Three Fellow Escapees
  c. Michael St.Mark


London Dada Works archive and purchase opportunity details

8 thoughts on “Work No. 787; Confessions of a Pebble Rescuer / Many call but few are chosen

  1. Me post on my blog? I probably should not admit to feeling unduly neglected, but since my work was generally under-appreciated and I’d nothing particularly worthwhile to add, not to mention other less savoury items, I call this my dead blog site, albeit appreciating your posts on occasion. Ya, I am routinely active on, but likewise haven’t posted there since mid-June, though I still manage to write daily. Thank you, seriously, for your kindly reception of my visits and inquiry. I hope that is satisfactory? And thank you again for this lovely number.


  2. Ah me, you clever rascal. But this is a beaut, from the images of that treasure hidden amongst the rubble to your half-rhymed poetic tribute, I don’t know how to applaud you properly. I love it. Thanks for sharing.


    • You’re ever so kind Jennifer… btw with a mind like yours I’m a bit surprised you haven’t blogged a post here for over 800 days – do you have another creative output yourself, somewhere, at all?


  3. What a lovely, thought provoking poem. You’ve made me realise that actually nothing lasts forever not even pebbles on the beach.

    We all know that humans aren’t immortal but never think about pebbles being continually washed by tides that eventually erode it so much that nothing will remain.

    When i next do some beach combing i will view the array of rocks, stones and pebbles with new eyes. Even though it make take millions of years for the process of erosion to be complete i will see the various stages that entails as i’m trying to keep upright against the wind!


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