Work No. 862; The Watcher II

The Watcher II
The Watcher II
Michael St.Mark 2016

Retired lifesize Ronald McDonald languishing somewhat sinister in an upstairs storeroom above a McDonalds restaurant. Harrow, London. We’re not sure if it’s true, but there are stories circulating that some abattoir workers in the UK are wearing Ronald  McDonald clown masks as they slaughter cattle ” for laughs” *

the watcher origin

Origin / derivation image


Second in the series; links to Work No 199; The Watcher ( 2006 )
Links to Work No. 297 from 2007 ” Everything Has its Place..”

Backdated from 2018

London Dada Archive / Investments

* Update Oct. 11th
Strange serendipity the clown-with-knife etc craze suddenly sweeping the “civilized world”. This from yesterday’s Jewish Chronic…. er Evening Standard.


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