691 article… A Pixelated Art Director.

Tate Modern director Nick Serota holds forth on the “artistic merit ” of what appears to be another
odorous pile of elephant dung


Tate turbine hall1
….whilst turning Tate Modern into a Butlins’esque fairground, taking the public for a cheap shot “art” ride.
M St.M


Work 173; Beasted II & III

Beasted II
c. Michael St.Mark 2006
What a lovely piece of vehicularly-altered found street sculpture – if one of Serota’s young darlings installed it in the Tate Mod they’d even call it art . . .( don’t give him ideas, he’ll be extremely dangerous – Ed.).


Updated;  Beasted v. III ( 2018 )
Double telecoms junction boxes post vehicular collision – possibly during – or by the looks of, the end of – a HS car chase.

East Barnet, Herts


Purchase enquiries with view to invest in Dada’s long- missing London expression;