R.I.P. Mark E. Smith / The Fall – wired to the music cosmos

Truly sad news today, that everybody’s working class hero Mr Mark Edward Smith of the seemingly evergreen Fall band died this morning, aged just 60.
So here, something of the man’s vital early punk-like energy that was married to a razor-sharp perception-graced intellect that perpetually fermented highly bespoke “undilutable slang truth ” lyrics set to the frequently runaway juggernaut-bludgeoning Fall sound.
Over 40 years of almost non-stop gigging and a shelf-sagging number of albums to his now legendary name. – Michael St. Mark

Alexis Petridis saw a tribute style, nicked it and ran it in the next day Guardian..

& from Hammersmith Palais 2007, a fave Fall live performance of “Blindness”

Roaming the Galaxy / Autumn Statements

Roaming the Galaxy ( Fruits of Autumn ) Follow-up to the summer edition.
Selected trilogy of shots from another three months of random observations from random wanderings, captured on the Galaxy S7

Dusk @ the Water Tower
Trent Park, N. London

Tinsel Tina / TWHSTL VII
Latest in the (very) long-running ” They Who Have Seen the Light ” LD series

The World is Too Much For Us ( after Wordsworth ) / Hell is Other People III
Barnet, Herts

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Wreck of the Mayflower

Wreck of the Mayflower / A Conservative Lifeboat IV
Michael St.Mark 2017


Dungerness, Kent ( White Cliffs of Dover on the horizon )

December 2017
Aground. Facing the wrong way.  Falling apart – ring any ships’ bells?

Categorized latest in our “A Conservative Lifeboat – not fit for purpose” series.
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Conservative Lifeboat III

A Very Conservative Lifeboat


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London Dada Work No. 997; Real Turner / Fake Art

(c) Michael St.Mark, December 5th 2017


To mark the 2017 Turner Prize event.

Dada photo montage within titled frame. Comprising reversed Turner self portrait surrounded by four contentious former prize-winning and associated exhibits.
The mirror-reversal of Turner’s c.1799 self-portrait shows the 24 year old artist close to how he actually appeared at the time, as artists of the day by necessity were obviously obliged to use mirrors to create them. ( links to Work 976l; Real Turner from July )

Image of the actual Self-Portrait before mirror-reversal correction

Self-Portrait c.1799 Joseph Mallord William Turner 1775-1851 Accepted by the nation as part of the Turner Bequest 1856.

Main image; Top right; Work No 227; The lights going on and off, by Martin Creed ( winner in 2001 with.. a ceiling light going on and off at regular short intervals )
Bottom left; Tracy Emin’s My Bed, shortlisted entry 1999.
Bottom right; Damien Hirst’s The physical impossibility of death in the mind of someone living ( dead shark suspended in formaldehyde ), closely associated with his TP-winning bisected cow and calf – Mother & Child Reunion (1995 )
Top left “Sleeper” by Mark Wallinger. Dressed in a comely bear suit for the duration of the 154 minute long film, bear Mark is featured wandering around a deserted German gallery. Wallinger won the Turner Prize in 2007 for “ State Britain“, a virtual copy (de-politicised and Blair-redacted)  of war protestor Brian Haw’s hard-hitting multi placard spread in Parliament Square. RIP Brian.

In the light of Hugo Ball, the founding father of Dada’s statement;
Art, for us, is not an end in itself, but it is an opportunity for true perception and fearless criticism of the times in which we live
… as well as the utter banality and mind-numbing pseudo intellectual vacuousness of the above Works – as well as many more besides – propel them well and truly into the turgid, stasis-filled, creatively stagnant realm of Fake Art


RECENT POST.  London Dada’s successful 12-year campaign to abolish the ageist Under-50 rule for Turner Prize entrants;

September 2017.
Turner Prize chiefs finally shamed into removing the anachronistic and blatantly ageist Under-50 rule for shortlisted entrants. Did any other artists have the moral spine to put their personal apple cart career futures on the line by daring to criticize the TP directors over this? Well… no actually.

Click through X2 on the collage for full legibility
Protest leaflet from Turner Prize 2016 event
LD POST from 2016; titled ” THE AGEIST TURNER PRIZE ” including protest video.


THIS YEAR’S TP EVENT – when does inspiration become plagiarism?


Link to Withdrawal Symptoms (2012)



L. Michael St.Mark; Withdrawal Symptoms MR ( 2012 )

R. Andrea Buttner; Phone Etchings (2015)

Winter 2017/18 – A Foggitt Forecast / The Way of the Blackberry

The challenge the UK Met Office refused to discuss or reply to, let alone take up, on social media during November 2017

A Foggitt Forecast / The Way of the Blackberry

A nature observation – for the first time in many years, the blackberry season of late September – October turned out to provide extremely lean pickings for the pick-your-own wild blackberry pie makers among us. Most of the fruit of the Blackberry bush either remained red or when ripened by the sun to the normal dark purple failed to fall from the branch ( pic)
Taking a leaf out of North Yorkshire’s famous nature weather forecaster * William Foggitt’s (1913 – 2004 ) bulging diaries, one could speculate the reason for this highly unusual conservation of supply could well be nature’s own preparation for a forthcoming harsh winter or at least a severe cold spell possibly courtesy of the “Siberian beast from the east” by ensuring food supply for birds and insects remains intact. Obviously time will tell..

  • “Mr Foggitt used the behaviour of plants and wildlife near his home in Thirsk to predict to produce his forecasts. He also made use of climate records which had been kept by his family for generations. In the 1980s Mr Foggitt’s weather predictions were much in demand by radio, TV and newspapers. This was especially true when be came to different conclusions about the weather outlook than professional meteorologists ”
    Obituary here. More evidence of Mother Nature stockpiling for a savage winter. Berries still clinging tenaciously to the bush through to mid November.


Update for 19th Nov ( Saturday 18th evening revision ) ; @ play catch-up-as-we-go Met Office? – leaves one wondering whether (ptp) their supercomputer gets weary of getting 4 day forecasts wrong?

… in other words
– play safe by forecasting a bit of everything? ( with low confidence ) #GMetOffice

Playing catch-up-as-we-go.. forecasters ( much like BBC itself) very rarely admit when they get it wrong. Rain forecast for southern England. Actual weather for the day turns out to be heavy snowfall across S. England.


London Dada Work No. 996; The Dada Poppy ( launch )

Dada Poppy
Michael St.Mark 12.11.17

Launch of alternative Dada version of the traditional poppy worn in remembrance of fallen soldiers in all wars of British involvement, but primarily since WW1 of 1914-18 that provided the catalyst for the birth of Dada as a war protest movement in Zurich, 1916.

The new Dada poppy is overlaid with six green circles in a hexagonal formation plus the seventh at its centre. Corresponding generally to 2015 London Dada Work; *The Bullet Holes of Peace and specifically the ** 7 tenets of Dada,  relating to seven main principles or essential component parts of all Dada Works from 1916 to the present.

Designed to awaken an additional remembrance – specifically for artists – to orient and focus their talents and sensitivities towards true perception and criticism of dark forces still unfortunately present in our society that would again drag us into involvement in yet another war in future.

It’s now simply not enough to remember the fallen, but also we must raise awareness of the path to wars typically employed by the media under control of politics and ultimately big business whether it be oil or armaments.

 Michael St.Mark
London ( posted 11am on 12.11.17  Remembrance Sunday)

The 7 Tenets of Dada Link

The Bullet Holes of Peace Link

The Bullet Holes of Peace ( 2014 )


Lest we Forget Blair/Parliament’s War Guilt

Armistice Day again..
A London Dada annual re-post; justifying Dada’s origin as an anti-war movement in Zurich, Switzerland

Form 2011; Lest We Forget Parliament’s War Guilt
Michael St.Mark

Link to the original Iraq post
Art of War Protest page on Pinterest
The Bullet Holes of Peace


Brian Haw RIP
A man with love, empathy and courage in his heart – that’s a real artist