The Emperor’s New Spots

Every Little Assistant Helps
Every Little Assistant Helps ( readymade ‘homage’ to Damien )
c. Art Axis 2012

£2.89 schoolkids’ wired notebook cover from a well-known large supermarket retail outlet mounted in a passe partout hardwood frame.
250 mm x 337mm ( incl. frame )

( One worldwide.  POA. )

From an original Hirst. Spot the difference

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Spots freed

Where could the great man have noticed those 3 “innovations” before?

TURNER protest spots leaflet
London Dada’s 2016 Turner Prize protest leaflet + freed spots image, as featured online here


Ever wondered where the world’s wealthiest artist gets his inspiration?
Take a peek at the creative source material and overall concept Hirst blatantly & shamelessly stole for his recent ” Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable ” show.


“Everybody goes, did you actually paint them? I don’t know why that’s important in art.

“If you live in a Frank Gehry house, it’s not important to you that he laid the bricks.

And I see myself more like a kind of architect in the way that I make things, than a painter, even if I’m making paintings.

– Damien Hirst, March 2018


The problem for Hirst – not that he cares – is that as with Treasures.., he’s now not even the architect – having stolen the entire original concept, the title and presentation mode of his Venetian show hook line and sinker, along with the usual employing of talented craftsmen forced beforehand to sign away any public claim to having made the objects in connection with Hirst.

So that leaves the wealthiest artist in the world defined as little more than a common thief, bereft of artistic merit – a 1 trick parrot squawking and hopping around in a bent cage called the international art market that he’s made his world, which comprises the only people on the planet who somehow overlook the obvious and flatter a dullard’s crude plagiarism to the heavens – but then only on the basis that it enriches them financially one way or another to so do.

Perhaps the man may be at least dimly aware of that by now..
M. St.M

Blackberries in February – sign o’ cold times ahead

UPDATE November 2018

London Dada winter forecast 2018 – 19
The Way of the REDberry

©  Art Axis / London Dada

This years crop of blackberries are not only holding onto the branch again late into the autumn, but many are turning red, that  would indicate deep snow on the ground for long periods this coming winter, as Nature’s emergency larder provision for birds and other wildlife.
The colour red stands out more strikingly than dark dots more especially against blankets of snow and makes it easier for birds especially to spot from above.

In the light of our success in predicting the Beast from the East in early 2018 ( see below ) who would bet against a very snowy winter this time around?
” The Way of the REDberry ”
Not our friends at the Met Office, surely! 😉 ?

Art Axis

November 15th 2018


UPDATE; March / April 2018

Relates to posts from Nov / December 2017 The Way of the Blackberry
( nature forearming is human society forewarned ).
London Dada vs. Met Office challenge.

Berries failing to fall from the branch, as is usual in late autumn, pointing to a severe cold spell with ground frozen = nature preparing an emergency survival larder for the birds. Yet Met Office long-term forecast for winter 2017/18 was ” average, nothing special ( low confidence.  ) ”

Update mid February 2018 ; Met Office warning of prolonged ” Beast From the East “… daytime temperatures sub zero and outlook for “blizzards across the south of England”

UPDATE Easter 2018, Beast From the East bite No. 3 ( ! ) on its way

Thomasz Schafernaker, our friend from the Met Office catching up with Nature.
” You are funny  🙂 ” Thomasz’s Twitter comment on our BFTE forecast in December 2017.
Well yes Mr Schafernaker, also better at long range forecasts than you and your shiny supercomputer pride and useless joy LOL


” Historic disruptive cold spell “ Record-Breaking”  – words that Michael Dukes ( MetDesk @ the Guardian ) used on March 20th 2018, to describe the freakishly cold spells, or “Beast From the East” 1, 2 & now Easter predicted 3.

Absolutely no hint of this in the Met Office’s own Long Range winter forecast back in November 2017 ( see above ), but which, as artist Michael St.Mark observed, Nature herself certainly did.

VALIDATION of LONDON DADA’s severe cold prediction based on last year’s Autumn berries extremely unusually, if not uniquely, lingering on the branch well into January and beyond as Nature’s own emergency food reserve preparation to aid bird survival during the extreme cold she saw coming.

The Guardian, Weather page Overview, 20th March 2018


Links to Post; The Way of the Blackberry – a Foggitt Forecast

LONDON DADA Work No. 999; Muddle England

Muddle England
Michael St.Mark 2018


Tesco in-store Costa coffee lounge scene, January 2018;  the ageing Middle England couples’ dreams of riches and quality of life through share investments and steadfast support of the nation-wrecking Tories still evident through habitual perusal of the right-wing tabloid press.
Real life archetypes of the blinded millions who kept the Thatcher govt. in power throughout the 1980s, basically on the promise of “cheaper bread”.



” Well folks, after over 12 years we’ve almost arrived at the millenium milestone of photo-oriented artorks focussed on resuscitating and revitalizing the Dada art movement along lines originally intended by its founding father, Hugo Ball….

” Art, for us, is not an end in itself, but rather it is an opportunity for true perception and criticism of the times in which we live “

Achievements to date include pointing and trending art as relevant to current times by reflecting social issues and street reality of life in the UK today and as amazingly confirmed and admitted in 2017 by Maria Balshaw as new director of Tate Modern.

After 10 years of annual campaigning, unsupported by other artists or institutions; succeeding in pressuring/shaming Tate directors into lifting the blatantly ageist Turner Prize under-50 age limit for entrants.

Wolff Olins’ London 2012 Olympic brand logo and Wilkinson Eyre architects’ basketball arena design on the Olympic Park, plagiarised both in form and concept artist Michael St.Mark’s pre-existing Infinitude II bas-relief work.

Damien Hirst’s entire recent ” Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable ” project copied both concept and title from London Dada’s 2008 photo artwork ” Logfish- an unbelievable Treasure from the Deep

Procured the first full-length genuine photograph of graffiti legend Banksy

Michael St.Mark
London N.




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Winter walkies…

…when parks become bog traps for all but intepid trawlermen in thigh-high waders..and your dogs behaving like seal pups by pretending they’re one step backward in evolution again.

Links to 2011 Work ” Winter Woodland Walkies – the Chase “, by Dingo


London Dada Work No. 998: Night Watch

Night Watch
© Michael St.Mark 2018


After-hours hairdressing training salon, Herts

Signed edition of 25 Lightjet fine art prints on Kodak Pro Endura
Image size 23″ x 16″ + 2″ white border surround
Titled & signed on verso & with stamp of verification

£400 ( unframed )
contact for purchase details
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R.I.P. Mark E. Smith / The Fall – wired to the music cosmos

Truly sad news today, that everybody’s working class hero Mr Mark Edward Smith of the seemingly evergreen Fall band died this morning, aged just 60.
So here, something of the man’s vital early punk-like energy that was married to a razor-sharp perception-graced intellect that perpetually fermented highly bespoke “undilutable slang truth ” lyrics set to the frequently runaway juggernaut-bludgeoning Fall sound.
Over 40 years of almost non-stop gigging and a shelf-sagging number of albums to his now legendary name. – Michael St. Mark

Alexis Petridis saw a tribute style, nicked it and ran it in the next day Guardian..

& from Hammersmith Palais 2007, a fave Fall live performance of “Blindness”

Roaming the Galaxy / Autumn Statements

Roaming the Galaxy ( Fruits of Autumn ) Follow-up to the summer edition.
Selected trilogy of shots from another three months of random observations from random wanderings, captured on the Galaxy S7

Dusk @ the Water Tower
Trent Park, N. London

Tinsel Tina / TWHSTL VII
Latest in the (very) long-running ” They Who Have Seen the Light ” LD series

The World is Too Much For Us ( after Wordsworth ) / Hell is Other People III
Barnet, Herts

Links to HIOP 1 & II



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