London Dada Work No. 58 Three Sentinels.

Three sentinals
 Three Sentinels
 c. Michael St. Mark 2005


Tide and weather-worn beach erosion defence posts at Rye Harbour E. Sussex
(Available in triptych photo montage format on white card)

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4 thoughts on “London Dada Work No. 58 Three Sentinels.

  1. The 3 wood posts, like any other objects can “look like” anything you can imagine.
    But the title of the three pictures together is “3 Sentinels” meaning 3 sentries or 3 lookouts.
    Perhaps they are archetypes, go a little deeper into the works Jess, you are looking at the surface only.
    What atmospheres do you pick up?
    I “saw” something when i took these pictures.
    I wasn’t looking at what the shapes reminded me of at the time. If you are interested try to see what the artist was “seeing” in creating the work.
    Perhaps it was a mysterious vision?
    If you really look into real art you will be rewarded by an unfolding in your own inner life of what the artist “saw”.
    Its about communication, not seeing faces and animals in patterns. Thats too childish.

    Try going back to ” Their World” (see tags) and enter the world of those old posts, see how free and detached from human society and traffic they are. And the cycles of the seasons and tides they witness in silence. What a peaceful world they “live in”. Experience that for yourself through the picture with the title. It’s an inner gift of peace and space and calm waiting for you to claim.
    That’s what New Dada and real art is all about. Going deep, not just admiring pretty pictures.


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