Work 126 Automatic Typing


jksdsjogysa ohjbva hasgyia9-SQCgh hb mndschjlfdhjk zkldsbvhbo;iswuhdvcjk;s s]
sc jklsjsb asuiyio;obuib;jc;nityanandasa’pojw98pvcmndsaoivjev9p8h ;aoaoivch ksujkbsnVKJ D



Automatic Typing
( after Automatic Writing, a favoured method of the Surrealists.)
First artwork of its “type”. Online only

© 2005 M. St.Mark

7 thoughts on “Work 126 Automatic Typing

    • Following on from Prydwen’s acute observation and tying in with the Surrealists’ notion that automatic writing manifests spirits, just as there was a Polish spirit in my first attempt (the Work) it looks as if there is a Welsh one in yours. A bored Welsh spirit around you? ( lots of gggggs you see – very Welsh, that.)
      Sure, it looks boring – it’s conceptual stuff. We’re trying something different at least.


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