7 thoughts on “NEW DADA work 281, The Universal Dilemma of Women.

  1. Why ” UNIVERSAL ” sweety Mikey?
    Well if itºs about to dress somethingÇ itºs because we arenºt all naked around out there or even indoors (LOOL..there itºs up2each other yes.. :)),) but then is a UNIVERSAL Menºs dilemma too!
    If is about Fashion, HA! no way, not Universal bcz iºve my own fashion 🙂 no one makes my mind 🙂
    Isnºt it?
    :wave: Hugs2U sleep well,


    • It’s a comment about age affecting women much more than men – in this society at least.
      Women feel pressured to look like the model, but always end up looking like the old woman and looking in the opposite direction when the wrinkles come.

      Only spiritual couples can grow old together happily – everything else is illusion and bitterness 😉


      • Yes 🙂 wrinkles can be beautiful if one is beautiful indeed, I agree with your point of view, even with wrinkles one can be HAPPY….and childish too, i will be always :))
        Anyway, we all, men and women we enjoy to have an eye on someone passing by that kepts our attention bcz something 😉 :)) isn’t it? HA! Tell the truth!LOL, well no not me :)) no way :)) when i have a boyfriend i don’t have eyes for others, true! As for me he is the best while it doesn’t end as i’m always the one kicking them away :-/ Yes, bcz I start to notice that people are so matterial, so superficial, so whatever isn’t it? 🙄

        ..about couples growing old together happily oh yes if they don’t understand it or each other BAH isn’t it?… Why be by someone that doesn’t tell us nothing, as most are so/such matterial and fake persons????!!!!! It’s amazing yes!

        But you know? Lots of men are doing plastic surgeries too and using botox and so, its affecting men already nowadays :yes:
        Though Not you i’m sure 😉
        Hugs2U, enjoy your day 🙂


      • I’ll get ’round to doing an entire dAdA living moving picture one of these days using only those smileys, it should be fun and maybe it should be called kikiworld!

        Yes, men are buying face creams and getting eye-lifts and things, I suppose men and women are more similar than most people think, maybe a lot of the apparent differences are down to cultural conditioning from childhood.

        So you “kick men away” after a while huh?
        Naughty kiki !


      • Awake too! :))
        My printer is working well, as i’m crossing finger :))

        So i’m blogging while it works..so, what?
        I kick men away after a while? Well, it’s their fault not be what i want! :)) I mean not be what we usue to call The One!
        But i don’t bother with it, when good things or persons comes into our lives it just happens :yes:

        Yes, i suppose you’re right, men are doing that.

        HAHAHAHAHA ok i’l wait for that KikiWorld :)) will be FUN for sure :))
        There’s no smileys sending kisses!!!! Or Hugs!!!! OH!
        So here goes HUGS2U and a Goooooood morning kissy for you


      • I made abig mistake the other day by just saying “morning” to an undertaker. He replied ” GOOD morning… and it IS a good morning”.
        I said I didn’t think there was such a thing as a good Monday morning and he replied,
        ” Yes its a really GOOD morning, the sun’s out”.
        I looked up and it was damp and grey, so I walked off and only five minutes later realized my mistake, those undertakers must get ribbed by “dead funny” jokes all the time.
        He thought I meant “morning” as in “mourning” ( grief for the loss of a loved one )
        Me and my big mouth!

        Thanx for the morning kiss, kiki, I’m definitely blessed mow 🙂
        You have a great day in sunny Lisboa & Big Hugz 2 U 2.


      • Yes, that’s true, lots people here only say: Morning, but some don’t like it yes maybe bcz that reason you mention :)) LOL OH u’r funny :)) but no worries i’ve a big mouth too even wrting :)):)) then i have to delete stuffs or sometimes is too late as are in others blogs :-/
        Funny is how you wondered so much about that! :))
        Well yes the sun’s out soon here 🙂 and for sure i’l enjoy this day too. HA! I’m glad you feel so blessed 🙂
        Big Hugzzzzzzz2U2 and enjoy your day,


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