London Dada work 581; A Rubbish Discussion ( They who have seen the light XII )

twhstl 11
They Who Have Seen the Light XII – ” A Rubbish Discussion”
c. Michael St.Mark 2011

Latest in the series, a dAdaistiC celebration of often unintended eccentricity of dress UK-wide … click to enlarge

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Link to the ongoing Michael St.Mark vs. Wolff Olins/LOGOC Olympic logo copyright infringement claim info page. Anyone from Wolff Olins or LOGOC with inside info’ please contact.

4 thoughts on “London Dada work 581; A Rubbish Discussion ( They who have seen the light XII )

  1. Some photo ‘sallying-forths’ are more productive than others, bda, but usually there’s something of interest lurking around the corner. If a scene doesn’t have me instinctively immediately reaching for the camera it usually doesn’t turn out well on the monitor. Interesting objects are easier to find; with people as subjects – as in life generally – you have to be a bit lucky to come across an outstanding one.. . in the past 6 years I’ve maybe managed a dozen portraits I feel I can be exceptionally proud of.
    But the discipline of looking when out and about brings its own rewards, it focuses the whole mind and awakens a happy awareness outside the self-preoccupation of the ego…I guess that’s what art therapy’s pretty much about too 🙂


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