London Dada Work No. 608; The Astral Planes

The Astral Planes ( series of 14 (*previously) expandable thumbs )

( *Above; what Luca Ascani left us when he closed
Useless unlinked thumbnails of our former hi file size images, all having to be individually re-posted in original form for each blog entry ( below )  #cybervandal )


The Astral Planes
© Michael St.Mark 2012

Views from High Barnet N. London under the flightpath of incoming evening flights, 30th July.
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Flying in from unknown lands
Guided / glided by expert hands &
Extra body-heavy with Olympic fans…

The astral planes are coming down
Air-braking noisily over town
To a welcome Heathrow touchdown.

M. St.M

* The artwork that inspired an Olympics

7 thoughts on “London Dada Work No. 608; The Astral Planes

  1. plane watching is one of my favourite pastimes and i can quite easily spend a day at the airport watching them land and take off—–fantstic! I always wonder where they are going and who is on them and then i wish i was too. To me is is a real adrenalin rush when a plane takes off, i love the feeling of power from the engine thrust as it hurtles down the runway.

    Fabulous photos Mike!


    • Circling the globe for their entire lifespan I guess Roy, however many years a jet airliner lasts these days. But I wouldn’t be surprised if, like all birds, they live a lot longer than people think.
      Incredible inventions, really, just incredible.


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